Advertisement Policy

This website may get in touch with you as a consequence of a recommendation from another Site user who gave us contact details, like your name and email address. This Privacy Policy will apply to how contact information obtained in conjunction with a referral is used. Online advertising for our website employs Google Analytics and Remarketing. Visitors can choose not to use Google Analytics for Display Advertising and can alter Google Display Network advertising using the Ads Settings in a personal Google account. To inform, optimize, and deliver ads based on previous visits to the website, Marketing Uncle Fixer and third-party vendors, such as Google, utilize first-party cookies (like the Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookies (like the DoubleClick cookie).

Tracking techniques to collect data

We must guard against the purposeful or unintentional destruction of data within our systems. This implies that even when you erase information from our services, it could not be immediately deleted from our current servers, backup systems, or other comparable information. Information is tracked by different users present on different sites. At the time when a user visits a site, we save their data and then track this data by using different techniques. We named these techniques usually browser cookies, web beacons, flash cookies, and many other technologies.

Reasons to use tracking technologies

There are several reasons to use tracking technologies to collect your Data

  • For the improvement of website performance
  • For the observation of the activities, you perform on our site
  • To get an idea about our customer’s interests and other website visitors
  • To save the details that you enter on our site
  • To show you advertisements that are according to your interest

Interest-based Ads

When a site is approved by Google AdSense, then Ads will appear on this site and the website owners display these Ads on their site for their visitors. Users who have set their cookies can see these Ads. These cookies can save your information and then AdSense shows you different Ads that are interesting for you. These cookies collect your information and other users that are browsing our site from a computer or a mobile phone. This privacy policy is according to the privacy rules of Google AdSense because it follows all the rules of GDPR. We update our privacy policy according to the Google AdSense requirements and rules of GDPR. Users of the Site who are impacted by a merger, acquisition, or sale involving Uncle Fixer shall receive notice before their data is transferred to another organization or is subject to a new privacy policy. Google and other third parties may display our adverts on websites all across the Internet. The Google Maps API is used by this website and mobile apps to help with location-based information.

How do we collect information and what do we do with it?

We need your email address to describe our User Agreement and to notify you about any breach or unauthorized activity. If we collect any sensitive information that is police checks conducted on users of the website. If the information is not personal but is sensitive then we’ll surely seek permission before disclosing such information even if it’s for marketing purposes. Also, we’ll not disclose your personal information unless the purpose is not related to the primary purpose due to which your information was collected.

You can choose the do not track option also

Many websites provide the ‘’do not track’’ option by enabling they can block all cookies. The website visitors can block this option to not store their information. But if you think that you can stop sites to get access to your personal information it is not true because they can track your data by using different tracking techniques.