How Uncle Fixer Does Benefit A Fixer?

The word Uncle reflects our desire to provide facilities to fixers. Uncle Fixer is a freelancing platform where fixers can easily get an opportunity of good earning with a bonus as well. You can accomplish it if you are trained, professional, or even if you have no talents. However, as a laborer, you can be valuable. Simply sign up as a Fixer with Uncle Fixer and you’ll have access to plenty of earning opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Benefits Of Featured ID Fixer


By using featured id, fixers have a better possibility of receiving limitless jobs.


Fixers appear directly on the customers dashboard.


Customers can approach featured id fixers and engage with them easily.


Using the featured id, the fixer may obtain jobs from all around the city.


Uncle Fixer shows you a list of the best fixers.


In our E-wallet ID all our services are included.


About E-Wallet ID

E-Wallet ID is also called Feature ID of a fixer. The benefit of having a feature ID is, the fixer will get the tasks on regular basis and he will be the first preference of our company.

An E-wallet fixer must have minimum PKR 1000.00/- in his account and newly featured IDs E-wallet amount is refundable after 30 days. Processing Fee to get your account featured is PKR 200.00/-

To maintain your E-wallet account, a fixer must keep his E-wallet balance more than PKR 1000.00/-in order to receive task without any delays.

How you become an E-wallet Fixer?

To be an E-wallet fixer, you have to deposit your minimum to maximum amount through provided Company’s JazzCash or EasyPaisa Account or bank account.

For verification you have to send the transaction ID’s screen shot on company’s whatsapp number. And it will be attached with your documents as well.

Note: You can choose any 3 skills from the given services in Uncle Fixer’s app.
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Requirements For E-Wallet ID

For Male

Upload your selfie with Original and valid CNIC Card and as well as a picture of your most recent utility bill that you have paid.

For Female

Upload your Original and valid CNIC Card picture and picture of your latest utility bill that is recently you have paid.

If you have any certificate, degree or license of your skill you can upload its picture but it’s optional.

Note: If any Discount Offer is introduced from Uncle Fixer. It is compulsory to follow this offer for Featured ID Fixer.

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