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10 Tips and Tricks for Cooking You Never Knew Before 

If you want to improve your cooking skills and you don’t have any idea what will work better for you. Below are 10 tips and tricks for cooking you never knew before and following them will make your cooking super easy and fun.  

1. Don’t fill your Pan too Much 

Even if you might believe there is room in your skillet for an additional piece of chicken, don't take the chance if it is in doubt. The remainder of the food in the pan may not get enough heat, which could damage flavor or, worse, poses a health danger. To avoid this, space each item out by a few inches to ensure proper cooking. 

Don’t fill your Pan too Much

2. Wait for a Little Before Chopping your Steak 

Never allow a well-done steak to taste dry. After removing a steak from the burner or grill, put it immediately on top of aluminum foil to preserve its juicy inside. Allow the steak to sit for about five minutes after carefully wrapping it in foil. By doing this, the juices can settle before you chop the meat. If you prefer medium steak, take the foil off when it is medium-rare because the flesh will continue to cook while it is in it. 

3. Keep Your Spices in the Proper Place 

Keep your spices in a cold, dark location to extend their shelf life. You shouldn't keep them on top of the stove because the heat and humidity will change the flavor. While keeping them in the proper place will help you preserve them for longer. Your spices will remain dry and humidity-free and their flavor will also be good for longer.  

Keep Your Spices in the Proper Place

4. Avoid Overcooking Eggs 

Avoid overcooking eggs for the best results! Always switch off the heat a few minutes before the eggs get cooked. Even if they still seem a little runny, whether you're scrambling, frying, or poaching. They will turn out into fluffy perfection using the remaining heat. 

Avoid Overcooking Eggs

5. Put Salt While Chopping Herbs 

When chopping herbs, a little salt on the board will help keep the herbs from flying everywhere. They will remain there at their place as a result. It will be easy for you to chop the herbs as they’ll remain in their place. Herbs will not disperse and will keep intact in their place.  

Put Salt While Chopping Herbs

6. Add Salt While Boiling Pasta 

Boiling water that is salty can give pasta flavor from the inside out. The general rule is to add 1-2 tablespoons to a large pot of water, stir until it dissolves, and then add pasta after the water is boiling. It sounds easy—and it is—but it will improve the flavor of your food. 

Add Salt While Boiling Pasta

7. Use Pasta Water for a Better Taste in Pasta Sauce 

Wait until you use this tip if you thought your spaghetti was tasty before. Add a cup of the used pasta water to your saucepan before disposing of the rest. Afterward, put the pasta right into the skillet. Your food will taste better because of the salty water. Additionally, with the starch in the reserved pasta water, you can use it to change the sauce's consistency. Your palate will enjoy it, and the texture will be perfect. Believe me. 

Use Pasta Water for a Better Taste in Pasta Sauce

8. You Must Have a Few Things With You 

All of us have been there. You ponder the contents of the refrigerator as you place a takeout order and call it a night. Nope. Just stop there. 

When you go to the grocery store, refer to our list of pantry necessities and stock up. If you are well-equipped with the correct tools, it is simpler to be inventive with what you already have. Extra points if you have frozen veggies and meat (chicken breast, hamburger meat, fish, etc.) in your freezer for last-minute dinners. 

9. To Keep Veggies Fresh, Use a Paper Towel 

Throwing away food that you haven’t even touched, especially produce, never feels good. You can preserve vegetables by loosely covering them with a dry paper towel and putting them in a resealable plastic bag. Get as much air out of containers and bags before sealing them because oxygen is not a vegetable's friend. 

In addition, wait to wash produce until you are ready to consume it. Also, make sure your refrigerator and produce drawer have enough space. Food can expire more quickly in a refrigerator that has less airflow, which can lead to inconsistent temperatures. 

To Keep Veggies Fresh, Use a Paper Towel

10. To Make Chopping the Onion Easier, Leave the Root Intact 

It can be challenging to slice onions without a mess. Leave the root on and chop them evenly. Peel the onion and cut it into horizontal slices while keeping it whole. To get properly minced pieces, chop down vertically after that. 

To Make Chopping the Onion Easier, Leave the Root Intact


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