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10 Tips for a Natural Makeup Look in 2022

Natural makeup is not only for days off work. A minimal makeup look is your BFF when you want to switch up your go-to red lipstick or Smokey eye shadow. Consider using neutral colors that suit your complexion for the most natural look, along with fresh, polished skin.

But unless you have our makeup artist-approved ideas and techniques, it can be difficult to achieve a truly fresh-faced look. With these ten glow-enhancing methods, you can perfect the most natural makeup look you've ever worn. Are you ready to go natural?

1. Make Your Base Brighter

A diligent primer will prepare your skin while enhancing texture and tone over time. Smart skincare product Miracle Prep 3-in-1 Beauty Protect Primer SPF 30 has elements. Including brightening ginseng and pollution-blocking Ginkgoo Biloba. Additionally, the lightweight texture applies smoothly and works quickly. To lighten dark spots and balance out skin tone.

How to Apply

Make Your Base Brighter

Apply primer with a dot onto the T-zones and mix with your fingertips for a flawless, dewy base for makeup. Or, for a day when you don't want to wear makeup at all, forgo your regular foundation and apply Facefinity All Day Flawless Concealer where necessary. Blending it over this skin-improving primer to bring out your natural shine.

2. Glow Up the Foundation

Glow Up the Foundation

Blend one pump of foundation and one drop of Miracle Glow Pro Universal Highlighter. To create the lightest, most luminous base on the back of your hand. Because of its radiant-matte formula, which guarantees that the glow looks ultra-polished rather than shiny. We adore using Radiant Lift Foundation for this method. Create this dew-boosting blend, and tap it in the middle of your face. Then spread it around with your fingertips or a cosmetic sponge to give the appearance of fresher skin.

3. Turn on the Concealer's Light

Turn on the Concealer's Light

Despite the temptation to cover up every apparent flaw with concealer. Most people aren't bothered by the spot or discoloration you've been fixated on.

Applying Concealer

Simply dab concealer where you truly feel you need it. Such as under your eyes or on flushed cheeks, as opposed to covering your entire face with it. When softly patted in with your ring finger, Radiant Lift Concealer melts in to conceal symptoms of exhaustion in a matter of seconds.

4. Obtain the Rosy Blush

It all depends on the formula you choose and where you apply blusher when it comes to making it look completely natural. So let's start with the recipe; our recommendation for a rosy flush that appears to emanate from within is a creamy blush. Pick your favorite shade of Miracle Touch Creamy Blush, then warm it up by swirling your finger in the container.

Follow the Procedure

Then, grin and pat blush with two fingers over the apples of your cheeks before blending along the cheekbones for a natural-looking glow. To give a little warmth to your skin, finish by lightly patting bronzer under your cheekbones and across the outside edge of your face.

5. Comb Your Brows

Unexpectedly, brows have a more significant effect on your natural appearance. If you make them look overly "done," your makeup will quickly go from barely there to bold. With Brow Shaper, use the built-in brush to tease hairs upwards to create a brushed-up finish. That will give your arches a little more fullness without making them look overly sculpted. After adding a few short, precise, hair-like strokes of definition with the pencil end. Add a coat of Brow Revival eyebrow mascara to fill and maintain your brow shape.

6. Make Light Smoky Eyes

Wendy Rowe, the Max Factor's Global Creative Director & Makeup Artist, offers the following ideas. For giving your smokey eye a more understated edge. She achieves a delicate, smudged effect that is quite simple to imitate. Sing the Miracle Contouring Palette and Masterpiece Nude Palette in Golden Nudes.

Achieving Smokey Eyes Look

Apply the darkest shade from the contouring palette first with a small, fluffy brush, brushing it back and forth through the socket line to form a diffused "C" shape. Warm brown hue number six from the nude eyeshadow palette should be applied over the cream to set it. The upper lash line should then be painted with the deepest tint.

Take your darkest contour cream once more, and use your finger to smudge it down the lower lash line. Don't be hesitant to smooth it away from the lashes by blending it downward. Sorted, smoky eyes.

7. Make Your Eyeliner Softer

If you choose a natural makeup look, you don't have to use eyeliner. Simply substitute a coffee or caramel tone for your normal black liquid recipe to provide a subtle definition. Because it adds a hint of seductive, attention-grabbing color without the drama of a jet-black liner, Kohl Pencil in Taupe is perfect for tracking down your upper and lower lash lines.

8. Attempt a New Mascara Color

Attention mascara addicts: brown mascara will become your new go-to product if you want a fuller flutter that looks natural and brings out the whites of your eyes. The plumping, lengthening power you love will still be present when using a brown tinted mascara, such as Lash Revival Mascara in Black/Brown, but with a gentler finish that perfectly matches a natural makeup look. Additionally, the ground-breaking formula lengthens and strengthens with each use. The outcome? In four weeks, your lashes will look thicker and fuller, even if you don't wear mascara.

Apply mascara, as usual, dipping the wand into the roots and zigzagging through to the tips for a glossy, even application, for full, natural-looking lashes.

9. Turn Up The Glow

Want to give your base a bit more shine? Use a little highlighter to get glowing. Warm up the shimmering side of Miracle Glow Duo with your fingertips, then dot and tap it high on your cheekbones and browbones before integrating it under your eyebrow arches to subtly shape. Then for a quick, natural-looking brightness, tap highlighter down the center of your nose, the top of your cupid's bow, and the tip of your chin.

10. Use Dewy Lips

By highlighting your lips with a glossy, dewy tint, you may complete your natural look. We adore Color Elixir Lip Cushion in Spotlight Sheer because it has a halo of moisturizing color and is brimming with antioxidants subsequently that are good for your lips. Then press your lips together to mix. Glide it on for a chic swipe of pinky-peachy color or softly blot for a nearly-nude appearance.

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