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12 Healthy Hair Habits You Should Start Doing Right Now 

A bad hair day means a bad mood for the whole day. Because for a woman hair is everything, bad or rough hair has a lot of bad impact on them. So, when your hair is in good form, it surely appears nicer, and the possibilities of that happening are significantly reduced— or at the very least reduced.

The main issue is that hair is more prone to damages that include dullness of hair, too much oil, or dandruff issues. Thinning of hair is one of the major issues to which no solution seems to work. To keep your hair healthy and in good condition means putting in a lot of effort.

There isn’t any magic trick through which you can get healthier hair within a couple of minutes. You need to work on them slowly and gradually. All this long effort will result in healthy hair for sure.

1. Before you shower, brush your hair

Detangling strands for 60 seconds, no matter what your hair texture is, will maintain them strong. "Your hair is more sensitive to breakage while it's damp," Uncle Fixer’s expert continues, "so brush knots out of your hair when it's dry." Brushing dry hair also helps to disperse oil that is present naturally in your scalp to the tips of the hair. Another plus: it's already smooth and ready to style after a shower!

2. Apply the correct amount of conditioning — and do it with caution

A nickel-size drop of conditioner is enough for most textures and lengths unless your hair is long. Instead of top start at the bottom of your hair and end at the scalp that is top," Uncle Fixer’s expert recommends. It's also crucial to keep your scalp hydrated. Allow it to sit for a full minute before removing it. This is especially vital to avoid a dry scalp if you're a dry shampoo devotee.

3. Schedule some time for hair masks

"Use a hydrating hair mask or deep conditioner at least once a week, and more frequently if you use hot tools frequently," Uncle Fixer’s expert advises, to maintain strands hydrated and smooth. Matrix Biolage HydraSource Deep Treatment Pack, which leaves hair smooth and lustrous without weighing it down, is her go-to.

4. Keep crucial components in mind

Finding too many solutions sometimes also means finding nothing appropriate for you. Because you are confused that which method will prove to be the best for your hair type. It's better to look according to your hair type and then choose the one that is recommended by professionals with reviews.

5. Consume a well-balanced diet

You already know that what you consume makes you who you are. "Your hair is largely made up of protein," Uncle Fixer’s expert explains, "therefore eating a well-balanced diet of protein-rich foods is essential." Add the following products to your shopping list:

· Fish

· Meat

· Eggs

· Beans

Berries, spinach, and avocados, as well as anything else high in vitamins C and E, are wonderful sources of hair food and will help stimulate collagen production, resulting in stronger strands.

6. Take a deep breath

Breathe in via your nose and out through your mouth, as we did. The smallest details make a significant difference. "Your hair is an outgrowth of your body; if you're anxious, your skin, including your scalp, will be agitated." Now, relax and continue reading.

7. Lower the temperature of your shower

While a steamy shower may seem relaxing, Uncle Fixer’s expert warns that "having an extremely hot shower daily might irritate your scalp and possibly weaken your hair with time." After taking a hot shower rinse your hair with cold water to shorten the pores and achieve healthier hair in the longer term.

8. Keep strands out of the sun

Pollution, like UV radiation, causes damage to more than just your skin. "Apply a leave-in styler to protect your strands" when styling your hair, Uncle Fixer’s expert advises. She advises Coola Organic Scalp and Hair Mist SPF 30, which is antioxidant-rich and protects against a variety of environmental conditions.

9. Don't forget about your scalp

A healthy scalp means good hair. "If you have dryness, irritation, or any other scalp disorders, it will affect your hair," Uncle Fixer’s expert explains. Uncle Fixer’s expert's long-time go-to for clarifying the scalp is Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo and Conditioner, which she advises for maintaining a balanced scalp. What's the result? Hair that is full and fresh.

10. Take a nap on silk

Replace your cotton pillowcase with a silk one to get the most out of your beauty sleep. "It protects your hair's cuticle by reducing friction between your hair and the cloth," Uncle Fixer’s expert explains.

It's better to sleep with loose hair or tie them loosely with a silk scrunchie or a loose braid will also work well for your hair’s health.

11. Develop a more sophisticated style

"Invest in professional hot tools with ionic technology, which will infuse moisture into your hair as you style," she explains, to reduce heat styling damage. Also, rather than a curling iron or straightener with a ceramic covering, go for a solid ceramic curling iron or straightener: "This will spread heat evenly throughout your hair, sealing in your style quickly so you don't have to keep reapplying the iron to achieve your desired look," Uncle Fixer’s expert adds. When employing hot tools, follow her wise steps:

Use a heat protectant spray before applying heat to your hair if you don't want to risk further damage. Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Primer is Uncle Fixer’s expert's favorite.

Before blow-drying your hair, let it air dry as much as possible. If you have curly or wavy hair, twist it back into a tight bun on the first day and shape it with an iron the next day.

Change up how you use your hot tool: Blow dry your hair after shampooing; use a curling iron or straightener on day two, and smooth strands back on day three to avoid heat styling. Then wash it and do it again.

12. Get your hair trimmed

Regular haircuts are necessary to keep your strands healthy and prevent them from breaking off at the ends. If you don’t want to lose your hair because you don’t like short hair. Guide your beautician to not cut your hair more than the given length. Uncle Fixer’s expert suggests going every two months, but if you have a short or defined cut, you may need to come in sooner.

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