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5 Summer Dress Trends That You Would Love to Know

Without looking for new clothing trends summer wouldn't be complete, right? Girls love to know about new trends in the fashion industry. You don’t need to spend extra money or look for expensive brands to look stylish, you can follow some tips. Or look for fashion bloggers to stay updated regarding new clothes. To compile a list of the prints and styles that are popular on the lawn this year, we looked at all the most recent and well-liked lawn volumes:

Block Print Clothing

Block printing is one such technique that constantly serves as a reminder of our history and custom. It is always pleasing to see our national brands representing our past. Many companies, including Zaha, and Limelight have brought resurrected block printing with a contemporary twist. Although some local sellers in the market are selling block printing clothes at reasonable rates. But you need to choose the quality of clothes by yourself as some block prints fade quickly and give a bad image. No matter whether you choose from the local market or any brand make sure to have a look at the quality of clothing and printing material.

Chicken Kari

Due to its airy and light design, this classic type of needlework looks great in the summer. This year, many designers, including Maria B and Zainab Chottani, are releasing Chicken Kari lawn prints. Although they were in fashion in the past few years and people loved to wear them. You can mix them up, with colored dupattas as they give a classy look to your personality. They also come up with gorgeous hand embroidery and you can pair them with jeans also. There is a wide range of chicken Kari dresses you can select from them.

Streamlined Stripes

Since a few years ago, Pakistan has seen a rise in the popularity of minimalist clothing as more and more companies introduce solid-colored shirts. We all become weary of the prints eventually, after all. But this year, stripes—horizontal, vertical, or a combination of the two—have taken center stage instead of plain solid colors. As people are also getting bored with typical floral prints that can be seen everywhere in the local market. To bring a cool change in clothing sense these stripes in clothes with a unique touch will work wonders. Brands need to work on such prints more as this will bring more customers. 

Flora and Fauna

This year, hipster lawn shirts with animal prints have become increasingly trendy, especially with young Pakistani girls. The flora and animals did, however, come together this year in the shape of stunning embroidery on lawn shirts. Trying this new trend is undoubtedly worthwhile. Because in previous prints you might have noticed prints of cute animals and birds on clothes. But you never have experienced floral prints mixed with animals on clothes. This gives a new look to your personality and you would love to try those dresses. Give them a try and let us know what your thoughts about this trend are.

Ombre Effect

A visual gradient of colors that blends to provide a mystical effect is known as the ombre effect. Because pastel colors look amazing in ombre designs and seem to be created for summer, this trend gains popularity practically every summer. Because people love to wear cool colors in summer. As they give a pleasant effect to the eyes. You’ll feel fresh.

We have discussed several designs and fashion trends for you. This will help you to look stylish in summer with a minimalist approach. You don’t need to spend your money on heavy dresses or expensive dresses. You just need to have a sense of dressing and making yourself a presentable personality. Dressing not only gives your personality a look but also helps you in grooming. Which of these fashions do you like best, and how do your new summer looks look? Please let us know, we would love to know your interests. We also make sure to bring more ideas on your way. Keep visiting Uncle Fixer and we’ll make sure to provide you with the best ideas from the latest fashion trends.

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