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After Ahsan Iqbal's heckling incident, the government plans to clamp down on social media defamation

After Ahsan Iqbal, the federal Planning Minister was accosted in a fast-food restaurant, the federal government decided to crack down on defamation.

After it became viral via social media, the incident was headlined in media.

The video shows a family chanting slogans against Iqbal as he waited in line at the restaurant. Later, the family apologized to Iqbal.

Rana Sanaullah, Interior Minister, presided over a meeting today. He was joined by IG Punjab, DG FIA, Acting Chairman Nadra Khan Latif, and other officials.

The meeting discussed harassment of citizens as well as uploading "immoral videos" to social media. It was decided that it would be tougher on those who post defamatory content and impersonate others.

They also discussed the "blackmailing and character assassination" of citizens.

Participants discussed the need for "effective" laws that deal with cybercrime, particularly harassment and uploading "insulting material".

A working group was established to amend the PECA 2016 regarding harassment and defamation.

After consultation with all parties, the panel will make recommendations.

Sanaullah spoke at the occasion and directed immediate and strict action against cybercriminals. He also stated that it was unacceptable to tarnish the reputation of citizens by character assassination and defamatory content.

So, He stated that there is a fear of disorder and chaos in society through the spreading of immoral and offensive content on social media. He warned that those who are involved in such crimes will face harsh consequences without discrimination.

Further, the interior minister stated that institutions must adopt a zero-tolerance policy for those who are against moral values.

He advised the masses to contact FIA to file their complaints and to give instructions to the authorities to handle them immediately.

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