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As PML-Q Files a Petition against Mazari's Decision, All Eyes Are on the SC

PTI Leader and ex-minister of information Fawad Chaudhry have stated that his party's Supreme Court will take up an appeal filed for a review of Punjab Assembly Deputy Speaker Dost Mazari's ruling on the denial of PML-Q's vote during the crucial run-off elections to fill the position of the chief minister at 10 am this Sat. (today).

In his account on Twitter, Fawad Choudhry posted, "The apex court will take up the case tomorrow (Saturday) in the morning around 10 am. We'll be searching for justice from the SC."

After an unusual decision by PML-Q president Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain PTI and PML-Q have filed a petition with the Supreme Court (SC) Lahore Registry against Dost Mazari's ruling, which relied on the Supreme Court's decision regarding Article 63(A) in rejecting 10 votes voted in favor for Pervez Elahi "against the party line."

In the past, following an important session of the Punjab assembly PML-N's nominee Hamza Shahbaz retained the post of Punjab CM in a contest against Punjab Assembly Speaker Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, who won the vote of three.

After the count of votes The deputy speaker, in citing Constitutional Article 63A in the Constitution was unable to accept the votes of 10 cast by PML-Q members. The result was that Hamza got 179 votes while Elahi was able to get 176 votes.

Following the elections, the parliamentary party held a joint gathering of PTI and PMLQ to debate Dost Mazari's decision. They then went to the Apex Court's Lahore Registry to submit the petition.

Pervez Elahi's attorney Aamir Saeed Rawn has filed the petition before the SC where Hamza Shahbaz, Deputy Speaker Dost Mazari, and the Chief Secretary of State were named parties.

When speaking to the media, Aamir Saeed said Deputy Speaker Dost Mazari was interpreting the SC decision incorrectly, and therefore the Chief Justice Pakistan (CJP) should be taking note.

In the event, PTI leader Yasmeen Rashid stated that "186 members of the Punjab assembly are in this court, and I am requesting for the court to be opened as soon as possible."

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