23 June,2022 , 07:27 amAdmin

At Least 1000 Dead in the Afghanistan Earthquake

During this massive earthquake, many people faced trouble even more than 1000 are dead and 1500 are in critical condition. After a massive earthquake rocked a remote border. Region of Afghanistan and sections of Pakistan overnight, according to officials. The death toll is sure to grow as desperate rescuers search among the shattered homes. 

Most of the Homes Destroyed 

The Taliban administration officials claimed that after the powerful jolts. This resulted in destroying several homes at once. And bodies covered in blankets lay on the ground. Still, there are a lot of people that are not found and we are still trying to find them under debris. 

Amin Huzaifa, chairman of the Information and Culture Department. In the severely affected Paktika province. At least 1000 people are no more with us and people are digging graves over the grave for their burial. More than 1,500 individuals, many of them gravely, got injuries, he claimed. 

Ramiz Alakbarov, the UN's humanitarian coordinator for Afghanistan. Told reporters that "we believe that over 2,000 homes are no more." Hibatullah Akhundzada, the head of state, issued a warning that the death toll would probably continue to increase.