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Avoid Responding to Fake Calls and Messages, Says PTA

KARACHI In the wake of the increasing number of scams that are marketed as game shows. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has advised citizens not to respond to fake messages and calls.

PTA in a statement to the press has stated that a handful of people. They are deceiving viewers under the guise of game shows. They sending them fake messages.

Masses must avoid responding to these scammers and not sharing bank account information with anyone. Citizens are advised to report any incidents to the PTA.

The previous month, the Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) revealed that 400 fake accounts were frequently reported in Pakistan. They try to stop false information campaigns that are sweeping across the country.

He revealed these details prior to his participation in the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) meeting. Which was led by an opposition PTI head Noor Alam Khan.

At the time of the meeting during the meeting. The PAC chairman questioned the PTA chairman about their efforts in the fight against fraudulent accounts that are on social media. "One person is operating 2000 fake accounts and defaming the institutions from them," the chairman said.

The chairman of the PTA declared that they have reported fake accounts, and at present 400 accounts are monitored on a daily basis.

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