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Best Tips to Keep Your Hands and Feet Soft

Having a healthy lifestyle is the dream of every person to avoid skin care problems. Our hands and feet are the important parts of our body, we mostly pay attention to our faces or neck to keep them healthy and even-toned. Because most of us are caring for our skin or neck when we used to do skin care. This is not a bad thing because our skin or neck is a sensitive part and we probably need to show a little extra love. We advised you to don’t neglect the care of your hands and feet to keep them soft not only in winter but also throughout your life. Try to keep your hands and feet safe and pay some extra care to them like safe them from sunlight and pollution.

 It’s not new that your hands and feet skin turned a little rough on changing in the weather because our hands and feet are the workhorses for the body. Don’t worry, if you are looking for how to keep your hands and feet soft because we are going to tell you about the best tips to keep your hands and feet soft. In this blog, we explore many things that you should follow for your skincare.

Use a hand moisturizer cleanser

It’s very hard to maintain skin when there is changing weather around you or the rays of sunlight directly affect your skin in different ways. Probably you are not well aware of taking care of your hands and feet in this kind of environment. We recommend using a hand moisturizer cleanser to keep them healthy and safe. There are several hand moisturizers available in the market from different brands. Using these moisturizers can prevent you from facing issues like uneven skin on your hands and feet during all seasons.

Apply moisturizer after each wash

Most people wash their hands and feet, again and again, to keep them hydrated. The best practice you can do is to apply moisturizer to your hands and feet after each wash. In this way the chances of losing skin color are low or your skin becomes even tone all the time. Washing hands is a necessity in this modern world to avoid germs and the spreading of germs. For this purpose, World Health Organization (WHO) shares the process of hand washing and recommends that wash your hands at least for 20 seconds.

Avoid facing extreme temperature

This issue can be faced especially in winter because we use warm water for bathing and cleaning purposes. Avoid using extreme-temperature water for hand and feet washing. This can cause you to lose the hydration of your hands and feet and your skin becomes dry. That’s why our skin turns dry after using extremely hot temperatures.  

Exfoliate your skin many times a week

Exfoliation is the best way to make your skin Fresh & healthy even in any condition. You can use different exfoliators available in the market or you can use natural exfoliation to keep your hands and skin smooth and soft. There are so many natural ways to do exfoliation of your hands and feet you can choose the way best for you,

· Use Cinnamon

· Use baking soda

· Use finely ground sugar

· Use coffee grains for exfoliation

· Use finely ground sea salt for exfoliation

Use gloves before going to bed

This method could be very helpful for you to keep your hand and feet not only smooth but also hydrated. In this process, you have to apply a moisturizer to your hand and then cover them with cotton gloves at night. The next morning, your hands look smooth after washing them. This is the easiest way to care for our skin in winter because you can get soft skin at home without doing much effort or keeping your skin warm in winter. We like to discuss that the extremely low temperatures that we can face in winter also affect our skin, especially our hands and feet.

Use sunscreen before going outside

The use of sunscreen or sunblock can prevent your skin from skin care issues because the hot rays of the sun can directly affect our skin first. Ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun can easily penetrate our skin when the sun rises. These radiations can convert your skin into dry skin and you feel dryness so the best solution is to use enough amount of water. Keeping yourself hydrated, and drinking a sufficient amount of water each day is very essential for every individual, especially in winter.

Go for a spa or pedicure once a month

If you don’t have extra time for your skincare and you are looking for a way to spend a little money and make your skin soft in less time. We recommend going for a spa or pedicure once a month and making your dry, uneven skin soft. This is not necessary to always go to the spa for a pedicure because you can easily do it yourself by following the simple steps mentioned below,

· First, remove old polish

· Trim and file your nails

· Soak your feet with distilled warm water

· Give your feet a little time for massage

· Prep your toes and clean them

· Apply moisturizer

· Apply polish

 Wear comfortable shoes to avoid irritation

Our feet are an important part of our body because of handling all the body weight so to keep safe and smooth feet you need to put extra care. For this purpose, wear comfortable shoes and avoid using shoes that cannot fit with your feet. Because this can irritate and you even can’t relax in case of uncomfortable shoes wearing.


To keep your hands and feet healthy, lifestyle maintenance is very important because avoiding these steps discussed above can cause of damaging your skin. In this blog, we have shared our information on how to keep your hands and feet soft after giving a little attention. So to get more useful information like this go through to our website Uncle Fixer and read more informative blogs about natural skincare or a healthy lifestyle.

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