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Chairman PTI Imran Khan was Shoot and Injured at a Azadi March

· An official from the party confirms that the former prime minister was shot at a rally but is safe.

· Chairman of PTI Imran Khan was injured in a rally.

· Pakistan's Islamabad - After a shooter opened fire at a rally in Wazirabad, Imran Khan, a former Pakistani prime minister, was hit in the leg by a bullet.

· A Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf official, politician had been shot in the leg but was not in danger. According to reports, the attack also left six other people hurt, including Faisal Javed Khan, another politician.

· After leading a protest march to Islamabad's capital and urging immediate elections, Khan was taken to a hospital in Lahore.

· When the shooter was detained by police at the scene, his identity was unknown.

· Khan was filmed by local media moving from his truck to another vehicle with the assistance of his security detail while wearing a bandage on one of his legs.

· The incident was denounced in a statement by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, who also requested that an investigation be opened right away.

· Khan started his long march from Lahore on October 28 and is anticipated to arrive in Islamabad on November 11.

· A parliamentary vote of no confidence led to the overthrow of his government in April of this year. Khan has since held protests across the nation to call for early elections.

· Imran Khan, a former Pakistani prime minister, was shot at while traveling in a convoy in the east of the nation.

· The 70-year-old former cricket star was leading a protest march toward Islamabad, the nation's capital, to call for immediate elections.

· Shehbaz Sharif, the current prime minister, denounced the shooting and commanded the interior minister to request an investigation right away.

· According to the police, Khan was traveling in a sizable convoy of trucks and cars toward the capital when the attack took place in the Wazirabad district of the eastern Punjab province.

Aggressive response' following the shooting of Imran Khan

· Although Khan's supporters have had a "aggressive reaction" to the shooting, a Pakistani political analyst predicts that PTI party leaders will likely restore calm after the initial shock.

· According to newspaper , "Imran himself spoke on whether this would be a soft revolution or a bloody one in a tweet, but so far, disorganization aside, the long march had been pretty peaceful, but obviously, what happened today is very different."

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