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Drawbacks of Upcoming Cheap Version Netflix Packages

Netflix has become famous among people in the past few years who are interested in watching seasons and other informational and entertainment videos. You don’t have to wait for a specific time just like while watching TV. As soon as the season or any movie is released on Netflix, it's available instantly. People can download them or watch them anytime they want without downloading them. Also, you don’t have to face the frustration of Ads as there is Ad free content. You can enjoy it without any disturbance and avail your free time.

Changes in Cheaper Version

The team Netflix is going to launch a new and cheaper version in which you’ll be able to get a Netflix account at an affordable price. Now every individual will be able to have a Netflix account in less time. But they have reduced some features in these affordable accounts. You wouldn’t be able to download videos and also you cannot skip the Ads. This means that you have to watch the Ads no matter what and you cannot enjoy the offline videos later for your convenience. This information has been revealed by some contributing writers who looked into the code of Netflix’s iPhone application. Although the new version of Netflix isn’t launched yet you can find several hints about upcoming services from its iPhone application.

According to Steve Moser

Moser who is a contributing writer at Mac Rumors says that users will not have access to playback controls during Ad breaks and they cannot skip Ads. Although skipping Ads is available on almost every platform just like on YouTube.

But when they were asked to give comments on this feature they refuse to answer and didn’t issue any statement. They just said that there is still time in launching that version and changes can occur before the launch. As the plans are not final yet, so you have to wait till the new version gets launched. Although in regular Netflix, a feature of downloading videos and watching later has given the user the convenience and stability for those who live in such areas where there is an issue with internet connectivity.

What Will happen After Launch?

Well, it is analyzed that after experiencing ads supporting cheaper versions of Netflix, most people will move towards premium accounts. Charges for these premium accounts are $20 in the US. Another news also disclosed that all shows, seasons, and movies will not be available in ad-supported versions. That’s the reason that most customers will switch towards the premium version instead of facing all this.

Why These Changes?   

Netflix is introducing a new version because it lost several customers in 2022 around 1.3 million in US and Canada alone. They also have to face severe competition between Warner Bros HBO, Walt Disney’s Disney channel, and Hulu.

So to generate more customers company is looking for affordable ways to make its content visible to every individual at less rate. Maybe this strategy will work in some countries but the analysis is more people will move towards premium accounts. As there are fewer features for users in this version and it's full of Ads too. So let's see what happens after launch!

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