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Dua Zahra Will be Brought Before the Medical Board Today

As per the court's directive in accordance with the court's orders, the teen Dua Zahra. They mysteriously disappeared out of Karachi in April, but then admitted that she ran away from her home in order to marry Zaheer Ahmed, 21. Will be presented before a medical panel in Karachi to establish her real age.

This week, the District East judicial magistrate granted a health official seven days to review Kazmi's petition calling. For a medical panel to be established to assess the age of his daughter as he maintained that she was not a minor.

Prof. Saba Sohail, who is the principal for Prof Saba Sohail, Principal of Dow Medical College. Karachi is the chief of the panel which includes Dr. Sikandar Raffique Qureshi director of the Radiology Department at the Lyari. General Hospital Dr. Rani the consultant radiologist and seven other experts in media members.

Karachi Police Team

The previous day police from the Karachi Police team were investigating this case. Dua Zahra, was in Lahore to return her to ensure her age could be established.

According to police officers, Dua Zahra has been transferred from Karachi by a police unit. In Karachi Karachi, the Anti-Violent Crime Cell (AVCC) of the police has been able to take Zahra into custody. She will be presented to the medical board soon.

The husband of the wife, Zaheer Ahmed has also arrived in Karachi on his own. Zaheer Ahmed however, will not be permitted to visit the board of medical professionals, according to officers from the Police.

Sources with knowledge of the situation confirmed that various tests, X-rays, and new ossification tests are being performed on her in order to determine her age.

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