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Dua Zehra Case Finally Zaheer Admitted His Crime

Zaheer Ahmed confessed that he was a part of a group. After learning of her son's confession his mother, Zaheer's mother sent an apology letter to Dua Zehra's family for the incident of the kidnapping and grooming of younger Dua Zehra.

Dua Zehra disappeared from her Karachi home and her disappearance sparked outrage across all of Pakistan. Since that time, Dua has come forth and got married to Punjabi Zaheer Ahmed.

The Case.

In the first report filed on April 16, Dua's parents stated that their daughter was taken away while leaving the house in order to dispose of some garbage. Police were alerted when the incident sparked an outcry, especially through social networks.

On the 26th of April on, the teen girl was saved from Okara after more than ten days. Dua had stated in a video declaration on the same day she was not taken away and had got married to Zaheer "of her own free will."

She claimed that she had left her home on her own initiative. "I am married of my own free will. I was not forced by anyone. I'm content living with my man here. For the love of God, please don't disturb me." She had told me.

In addition, Dua stated that her parents had told her lies concerning her age.

She and Zaheer later filed a lawsuit in a Lahore District and Sessions court in the name of Dua's father as well as a cousin.

Furthermore, the police made a request to the court that Dua is taken into Darul Aman. The magistrate declined the request and informed the teenager that she "could go wherever she wanted to."

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