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Facebook Releases First Human Rights Report

Facebook owners Meta (META.O) published its first Human Rights Report on Wednesday following years of allegations. It had turned the blind eye to online abuses that led to real-world violence in countries such as India or Myanmar.

The document focuses on due diligence activities that were conducted between 2020 as well as 2021. It includes the summary of the controversial human rights impact study of India which Meta hired the law company Foley Hoag to conduct.

Human Rights Groups

Human rights groups, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, have called for the publication of India's assessment in full. India assessment in all its entirety as well as accusing Meta of delaying the release in a letter jointly sent in January.

In its synopsis, Meta said the law firm had identified the possibility of "salient human rights risks" that Meta's platforms pose. Such as "advocacy of hatred that incites hostility, discrimination, or violence."

The report, the organization said, did not look into "accusations of bias in content moderation".

Ratik Asokan, a representative from India Civil Watch International was a participant in the study and later coordinated. The letter in a joint effort and said to Reuters the report seemed to him. Its an attempt from Meta in an attempt to "whitewash" the firm's findings.

"It's as clear evidence as you can get that they're very uncomfortable with the information that's in that report," he added. "At least show the courage to release the executive summary. So we can see what the independent law firm has said."

Human Rights Watch researcher Deborah Brown also called the report "selective" and said it "brings us no closer" to understanding the role of the company in the propagation of hate speech within India or the commitments. It plans to take to tackle the problem.facebook

Rights Group

Rights groups have for years been concerned about anti-Muslim hate speech. Which has been fuelling tensions in India the largest market for Meta globally, with a wide range of users.

Meta's top police officer in India quit in 2020 after a Wall Street Journal report. She was opposed to applying the company's guidelines to Hindu nationalists who were identified internally as encouraging violence.

In the report, Meta stated that it was studying the India recommendations. However, it did not commit to implementing them as it had done in the other assessments of rights.

In response to questions about the differences Meta-Human Rights Director Miranda Sissons pointed to United Nations guidelines warning against. The risk could be a threat to "affected stakeholders, personnel or to legitimate requirements of commercial confidentiality."

"The format of the reporting can be influenced by a variety of factors, including security reasons," Sissons said to Reuters.

Sissons that joined Meta in the year 2019. It stated that her team is composed of eight people while another 100 or so are involved in human rights work. It is alongside teams from related organizations.

In addition to assessments at the country level. The report also detailed the work of her team on Meta's COVID-19 responses. The Ray-Ban Storie's wearable glasses included identifying possible privacy issues and their impacts on groups that are vulnerable.

Sissons Explained

Sissons explained that analysis of virtual and augmented technology which Meta has emphasized in its bet to"metaverse, "metaverse," is largely occurring this year, and will be discussed in future reports.

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