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Farah Gogi was Imran's sole major project: Maryam

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) Vice President Maryam Nawaz Sunday said the only massive project that Imran Khan had initiated was Farah Gogi. She also said he was certain that he would be politically eliminated by the Punjabi population on July 17th. Punjab on the 17th of July.

In addressing an event in Dharampura to promote the PP-158 by-poll campaign. Maryam said the former first lady Bushra Bibi alias "Pinki Peerni' was the one who issued instructions to Imran's team on social media. To defame institutions and declare people who raised concerns regarding Farah as well as her corrupt practices to be 'terrorists'.

Maryam Nawaz

Maryam said the entire nation was liable for a huge price during the reign of Imran. She also said that Punjab will never vote for Imran because he was one who was against Punjab's progress. The nation was in darkness prior to the 2013 elections, and about 20 hours of load shedding occurred each day. She claimed that the moment Nawaz Sharif took over He steered the country out of a crisis. And after his departure in the year 2018, the country was load-shedding-free.

She claimed Shehbaz Sharif gets up around Tahajjud every day and begins doing work for the people following Fajr's prayers. On the contrary, the days that the PM was a former leader began at midday. And the whole nation was stricken because of his incompetence.

She stated that Punjab will eliminate the politics of "Toshakhana' on the 17th of July. She called on PMLN supporters' family members, elders, and women, and their families to leave their homes on July 17 and cast their votes for Tiger. Maryam stated that the PMLN time period was marked by significant growth. While Imran Khan's presidency robbed the country of its wealth, as Punjab was plundering through Farah Gogi. Maryam Nawaz thanked Abdul Aleem Khan and Shoaib Siddiqi for their support and encouraged the people in the area to cast. Their votes for Rana Ahsan Sharafat, the PMLN candidate from PP-158.

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