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Finally World Cup Trophy Landed in Pakistan 

On June 7, the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour came to Pakistan for a day in Lahore. To exhibit this trophy a big event is organized. But given the state of the worldwide popular sport in the country. It wouldn't be unfair to assume that the historic event's spark may not turn into a fire. 

FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour came to Pakistan

Hopes for game built-up 

With a FIFA -appointed Normalisation Committee in charge of football in Pakistan. There isn't much hope for the game's immediate future in the country. 

The country's players, on the other hand, are not backing down from the task. Believing that whatever remains of Pakistan's beautiful game. We can work on it. 

Former players suffered 

Former Pakistan captain Kaleemullah witnessed firsthand what they do to put the sport out of business in the country. He has seen Pakistani footballers suffer as a result of political intervention in sport. Which is completely against Fifa rules, and he has seen the Pakistan Football Federation repeatedly banned as a result of it. 

Kaleemullah expressed his delight at being able to see the World Cup Trophy from such close quarters. 

"It's a fantastic sensation," Kaleemullah added. "Every footballer desires to collect this title." 

He was hesitant to discuss Pakistan's possibilities of ever capturing the FIFA World Cup trophy. But Kaleemullah expressed hope that the country might do so in the future. 

Reviews about Pakistani players 

When asked if Pakistan will ever be able to win the World Cup, he replied, "It is a difficult issue," but added. "But I desire and hope that it becomes achievable eventually." 

"It is conceivable that if we give the proper amount of attention to football. There is no shortage of intellect in Pakistan, yet we lack even the most basic amenities. If we can give facilities. I believe we'll be able to realize our goal of having a successful national football team in less time than predicted." 

Kaleemullah also used the chance to express his displeasure with PFF's infighting and the injustices meted out to players like him. Their carriers completely destroyed as a result of the latter? 

The future generation is more interested in football 

For the past 10 to 15 years, we've been in pain. There is no football, and the players don’t have any employment, yet I am optimistic about the next generation of Pakistani footballers. They are more interested in football than cricket, as I have seen. We, on the other hand, have nothing to offer them. They require a platform on which to fly the Pakistani flag in football." 

Meanwhile, Kaleemullah offers some sound advice for Pakistan's aspiring players. 

"I want to emphasize that you are not bound by anything as an individual." Play in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Nepal, Turkey, Iraq, and even Bangladesh. If you're industrious and talented enough, there are plenty of earning chances in football all across the world." 

The "young" France team is also Kaleemullah's favorite to win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but his heart is set on Brazil lifting the title. 

Saddam Hussain reviews 

Saddam Hussain, is another footballer who has witnessed everything. What has happened to Pakistani football over the last decade or so says that the players only have one wish: "Let there be football." We don't care who organizes it. All we want is a season-long football calendar throughout the country so the players aren't inconvenienced." 

Trophy brought to Pakistan 

French football legend Christian Karembeu brought the FIFA World Cup trophy to Pakistan and displayed it. Saying he was "happy to deliver the trophy, which bears a wonderful legacy" to the country. 

The real magic of the FIFA World Cup, according to Coca-Cola, is connection. Sharing your enthusiasm for the game across borders, in an environment. Where unity, diversity, and inclusion thrive. At the unveiling ceremony, Vice President Coca-Cola Pakistan and Afghanistan Fahad Ashraf. Said, "We are happy to have brought these ideas and the excitement of the world's most popular football tournament to Pakistan. A nation of outstanding football enthusiasts." 

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