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Former PML-N MPA Receives a Defamation Notice from Former ISI DG Pasha

Santosh Bugti received a defamation notice from former DG ISI Ahmed Shuja Pasha for his Twitter claims. Lieutenant General (Retd) Shuja Pasha sent a warning via his attorney Asad Munir and stated, "Your testimony is nothing but a bag of lies."

Shuja Pasha and his associates only once met Arif Naqvi in Dubai, whereas the former ISI DG never saw Imran Khan outside of Pakistan, even in Dubai. Pasha also never had a personal encounter with Imran Chaudhry or an Indian businessman.

It's unfortunate that you included Sheikh Al-Nahyan in this fictitious quarrel, the notification continues. Shuja Pasha reveres Sheikh Al-Nahyan. Shuja Pasha was never asked to meet with an Indian or Emirati businessman by Sheikh Al-Nahyan. I didn't even give Arif Naqvi any presents. That is false. Within 14 days, Santosh Bugti should withdraw the accusations and apologize.

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