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Four names are approved for SBP Board

The cabinet of the federal government has approved the appointment of four people for the Board of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). They are Akbar Zaidi, Ali Cheema, Mehfooz Ali Khan, and Fawad Anwar.

Incredibly, Shahid Mehmood, former finance secretary, who is thought to be an excellent candidate to be appointed to the board was omitted at the last moment. It is important to note it is because Shahid Mehmood has always been thought to be a close confidant of the former finance minister Ishaq Dar. It isn't determined why he was left out at the last minute.

"Yes, the government has approved names for the Board of State Bank of Pakistan for a five-year term," an official from the Finance Ministry confirmed Thursday. According to sources, has chosen to name an interim Governor for the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) within the next week.

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