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Hamza Shahbaz Finally takes Oath as Punjab's chief minister

Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz Friday morning took swearing in as Punjab's chief minister -just hours after winning the dramatic run-off for the highest office.

In a ceremony that was held at Governor's Residence at the Governor's House, Governor Punjab Baligh Ur Rehman administered the oath ceremony to Hamza. The ceremony to take the oath was held at the Governor's House. Governor House was attended by PML-N officials and officials from the government.

Hamza earlier, one day before was elected his position as Punjab chief minister in the capacity of the Deputy Speaker Dost Mazari, citing Constitutional Article 63A of the Constitution which ruled against the 10 votes of PMLQ members.

So, Hamza received 179 votes in the process, while Elahi who was backed by the PTI was able to secure 176 votes.

Hamza's fate is still in the balance because shortly after he was declared the winner of the run-off elections, PTI and PML-Q challenge the results before the Supreme Court.

Vice Speaker Dost Mazari has ruled out PML-Q's votes following the fact that PML-Q's leader Chaudhry Pervez Elahi had sent an email to Mazari informing him that his MPs would not be voting for any person.

The decision has prompted criticism from legal experts because many believe Mazari's decision is not conforming to the Supreme Court's decision - it was issued within the Article 63(A) case.

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