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HEC Bans MS and MPhil Programs in Colleges

The news was circulating over the internet that HEC bans MS and MPhil programs admission to affiliated colleges. Students and other people were concerned with this news that is it actually happening or just a rumor. Because several students were going to pursue their degrees in affiliated colleges. Well,’ for sure it’s confirmed news, you cannot take admitted to affiliated colleges for MS and MPhil programs.

Reasons for ban

Well, there can be several reasons that can cause HEC to take this step. First, there might be isn’t any proper staff to teach students or they wouldn’t be having enough experience. For an MS and MPhil degree, you must have proper experience in the related field. Besides that, you must have proper research history and knowledge of that field. Only then you’ll be able to produce better research material. Most of the colleges were lacking this facility and many other deficiencies were also taken under review. This has disappointed several students and college administrations but we must say it’s a better decision for the future. Instead of leaving your life at stake, you must take steps for a better vision.

What if colleges still allow admission?

What if colleges still allow admission

If there are colleges that are not following the rules of HEC will get banned. Also if the students pursue their degree in such colleges, it would be of no use. Because HEC has clearly stated that it’ll not accept such degrees and they’ll be not verified by HEC in any case. This will affect your future badly. So it's better to decide with proper research. You cannot risk your future at stake. There are several other options including different private and government sector universities. You must choose HEC-verified institutions for your studies. This will also help you to pursue a better career in life.

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