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How to Paint Large Surfaces Easily and Efficiently?

Painting is something that needs maintenance and repairs after every short interval and it’s better to have a painting service from a professional source. Or else if you are looking for a DIY process to save your money. You can do it easily by simply following some basic rules. Although painting isn’t a difficult process and most people enjoy it. But when it comes to painting on larger surfaces you need to have proficiency and follow some practical rules. To have a smooth surface without any marks. Rough or uneven texture after paint gives a bad impression and doesn’t look good at the first glance. If the surface is too rough and seems difficult to do. It’s better to have spray paint or hire experts to do work in less time.

Initial Preparation

If you have decided to paint a wall, room, or other areas by yourself first you need to prepare the area where you start doing the painting. It is important to prepare the surface before you get started. This will give you the surety that the results will be outstanding. First, you need to remove any existing paint on the surface by using sandpaper. If there are any areas that you want to prepare before paint stripping all the old paint. After removing old paint you need to clear the surface from all the dirt and dust that is present on its surface. Cleaning that surface thoroughly is important because not removing all those particles will interfere during painting. After having a clean and dust-free surface you can start applying primer.

Use of Primer

Primer will ensure that paint is done properly and adheres to the surface. This gives a smooth finish to your paint. Also, the paint will stick to the surface for longer. You can start painting as soon as the primer is dry. If you have decided to paint larger areas nothing will work better than a roller. It ensures the smoothness and efficiency of your paint. Rollers work better than a brush for larger areas. Starting from the top and then coming down to have less paint dripping.

Use Blocking Technique

Using the right technique can make your work easy and perfect. If you want to have a paint with smooth surface and even texture just like done by professionals. Use the blocking technique which means applying aggressive brush strokes over the entire surface. Choose a wide brush and apply long strokes in one direction. Overlap each stroke with the previous one, finish all the area that you want to paint and then start all over again to make sure there isn’t any area left. This will give a nice texture and smoothness to your surface.

Wet Spreading Will Help Cover Faster

From the name you can identify that you can spread the paint when the surface is wet. This can be done easily and quickly. Here are a few tips for you to get the best and smooth results:

  • A large paint roller will spread the paint on a larger area evenly
  • Apply the first coat of paint until it dries properly then apply the second layer
  • Consistently use the roller in the same direction back and forth
  • Apply a thin layer of paint if you don’t want to have streaks

Use the Right Tools and Techniques

For covering the larger areas it’s better to use appropriate tools and the right technique to paint efficiently with smoothness. You can follow our amazing tips for your help:

  • Rollers are much more feasible and provide better coverage than a brush
  • To avoid paint splits use a piece of clothing or cover the floor and other items with any clothing.
  • As mentioned above primer will help to achieve better coverage and gives a smooth finish
  • To make straight lines or even paint use tape, you can use painter tape to avoid splatters.

Although following these tips can help you achieve better results whether you are painting a residential area or tackling a commercial project. If you don’t want to do an experiment and not face the loss it’s better to call professionals from Uncle Fixer. This will keep you safe from facing any disastrous situation.

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