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How to Sell on Amazon in 2022 Guide

Amazon is a well-known platform for both sellers and customers. To adapt to the rising requests of the vendors, it has carried out its FBA services. This assistance permits vendors to use the platform's powerful distribution network and client base to make their business dream work out as expected. For retailers, it's the most famous decision of the platform.

How to start?

FBA means "Fulfillment by Amazon" and that implies Amazon will store your items in the Amazon inventory, satisfy your orders, and offer customer services. To utilize the Amazon FBA services, you need to make an Amazon seller account and add FBA to your record. You actually must set your business up consistence with the rules on the site.

Create your product listings and stock or coordinate your stock information into the Amazon platform. Set up the items to be delivered, and send your items to the Amazon distribution center. At the point when the client places orders, Amazon FBA will satisfy the orders and send all necessary shipping and tracking data to the clients. 24/7 customer service is accessible for both dealers and clients.

Create a business plan

To begin an Amazon FBA business, you must have an arrangement set up to guarantee everything is in good shape. A business plan should include your business mission, market investigation, items and services, marketing and deals, financial plan, and so on.

There are a lot of things you want to be aware. You need to research the market, check the trends, get to know your competitors, and sort out what kind of items you need to sell, and the amount you need to spend on product sourcing, marketing, and promotion. Attempt to make a rough plan for your business schedule, and relevant business exercises.

Find your Niche

To sell on Amazon FBA, you want to find a profitable niche as it matters for your success. To have a profitable niche, you want to do market research and find relevant trendy, and competitive products that line up with your energy and interests.

Get to realize the product trend, and study its personal effect, emotional worth, practical value, and acknowledgment. Attempt to find the selling point or make another popular offering point to make it viral on the market. We firmly recommend you don't include seasonal and fragile products.

Start market research

When you decide on your niche, you need to confirm it is available with market research. Monitor competitor deals throughout some stretch of time. Following your competitors will provide you with a more reasonable perspective of the market, niche, or segment.

 Another thought is to speak with a few providers or clients to get to know their feelings for the product; you could utilize a survey. Assuming you affirm that the sales numbers are predictable in the market, you can take your plan to the next step. In a steady market, you can push ahead in view of your arrangement.

Identify product suppliers

Once you select your niche, you need to track down your product supplier. There are multiple ways to find suppliers' information. You can track down providers on Ali Baba and other B2B platforms like Ali Express. You'll likely track down a couple of possible providers. Get their contact data and other background information if possible.

You could also look through on Google or get contacts with providers at trade shows. Trade shows are an extraordinary way for you to have a short communication with the supplier and get to know their products. You can also visit suppliers to find the provider in light of the industry distribution. You need to contact these providers to track down the best one for you. Send messages, make phone calls, and visit the suppliers. Try to keep away from scammers and identify the best ones.

Place orders

Once you select your supplier then you need to place the order. Normally the first order is small and should not be large. To get feedback from the customers and test the market you can place a small order. It would be a great way to know the marketability of the product.

Always getting in touch with suppliers can be helpful to avoid misunderstandings. Always try to update the manufacturing of products. Make sure you have fully inspected the product, raw material, process of product production, and shipping process before placing an order.

Register on an amazon account

First, you have to register as an amazon seller if you don’t have an amazon seller account. You can create two types of seller accounts individual sellers or pro sellers. You will be charged $1 for each item you sell on amazon while your former account is totally free. For the pro account, you will be charged $39.99 per month and it includes more features. It’s totally up to you to choose an account type according to your business and budget.

Create product listing

If you want to add products to the platform then you have to create a product listing. There are so many ways to create product listings. You also can include clear and high-resolution pictures of your product. Make it possible that your products are ‘’prime eligible’’ and prime members can enjoy free shipping. You can list products manually if you don’t have many items. You have the option to upload a spreadsheet that contains each of your items. Try to make your product listing attractive and provide enough information about your product.

Optimize product listing

Optimize the product listing to check the boost sales and increment of website traffic. For this purpose, you have to monitor your sales performance and get to know your business within the market. Optimization is a very continuous and important process for amazon sellers. You have to start with keyword research and put these keywords into your product titles, features, description, etc. Try to understand amazon’s algorithm to grow your business in the market. To make a good experience in keyword research you can use the Google keyword planner tool which is totally free by Google. You can also put high-quality images related to your product to deliver a better understanding of your project.


It is a quite difficult job to start Amazon FBA for beginners. But hopes the above points and information will help you to figure out the whole process of the business. If you really want to grow your e-commerce business you can use these simple steps. Now, it’s time for you to grow your business fast. 

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