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Important Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Skin Fresh

Everyone wants to have fresh skin all the time which is considered natural beauty. We all know that with climate changes our skin cannot remain fresh. The climate of different countries changes constantly, Pakistan has four seasons, and in these seasons the texture of the skin also changes. We have shared some important tips and tricks to keep your skin fresh all the time. By following these tips and tricks you can surely feel the beauty of your skin. For more details read our blog completely.

Use Cleanser to Keep Your Skin Clean

Cleansing is very important for skin refreshment and after applying a cleanser your skin looks shiny. Cleansing is recommended by doctors because it can exfoliate the skin and provide a radiant complexion. After cleansing all the debris and dirt were removed from the deep pores of the skin. There are so many cleansers of different brands available in the market. But we recommend using natural ways of cleansing that are free of cost and have zero side effects. First of all, you can use Milk or yogurt as a natural cleanser. Aloe Vera is also used as a cleanser when we peel off Aloe Vera and use its pulp on the skin, it opens skin pores.

Use Moisturizer to Keep Your Skin Moistened

As we all know the winter is coming and dry skin is the biggest problem in the winter. To cope-up with this issue we use a moisturizer on our skin which is the best solution against dryness. During winters we use less amount of water and our skin starts drying. Moisturizers of different brands are used by people but a natural moisturizer is always effective and beneficial. We can use Milk as a moisturizer, simply just take a few drops of milk and apply it gently to your face. After five minutes wash your face with soap or face wash and your skin looks fresh all day by giving five minutes. Another natural moisturizer that we can apply easily to our face is coconut oil. This is available easily in our homes and you need to take some drops of coconut oil and apply it gently to the face. There are so many natural moisturizers available easily like Honey, Aloe Vera, Petroleum jelly, sunflower seed oil, etc.

Use Sunblock for Sun Protection

People of all ages facing the same problem with their skin and want to protect their skins from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. They just apply different sun blocks or sunscreens available on the market because the radiations of the sun can easily penetrate in the skin. We can protect our skin from the sun without using sunscreens by following tips. Wear sunglasses during the day, cover your skin with clothing, use an umbrella, and much more.


1.Take ¼ cup of coconut oil

2.2 tbsp zinc oxide powder

3.¼ cup pure aloe vera gel

4.20-25 drops of walnut extract oil

5.1 cup shea butter

Mix well all these ingredients and apply them to your skin before facing the sun. This remedy will protect your skin from the direct heat effect of the sun.

Drink Enough Water to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Water is the basic need and without water, no life is possible on the earth. But many of us usually don’t have knowledge about the water benefits for the skin. People don’t know that drinking enough amount of water keeps your body hydrated which can reduce wrinkles on the skin and signs of aging also reduce. Without taking a good amount of water our skin looks unequal and pores prominent more. By taking a proper amount of water our skin becomes plump and has no irritations and blemishes. If enough water is not taken then the upper layer of the skin looks rough and loses its elasticity. Our skin will automatically glow if we drink enough water every day.

Why Vitamin C is Important for Skin

Vitamin C plays an important role to make skin fresh because it contains antioxidants that prevent our skin from UV. A few searches show that regular use of vitamin C can reduce wrinkles on the skin. If we use Vitamin C regularly then it will reduce the aging effects and change the texture and appearance of the skin. Vitamin C can be helpful for melanin production, melanin is a pigment that is responsible for skin color. We can take vitamin C by eating some fresh fruits and vegetables. Orange has a large amount of vitamin C and it is a fruit of winter that keep us safe from dehydration.

Cool Water Cleanser

A cool water cleanser is very helpful in summers that protect our skin from dryness. For the best result for your skin take a bowl of water and pour some ice cubes into it. After it takes a puff, dip it in the cold water and then gently rub it on your face. After giving just five minutes you can feel the drastic change. Cold water is helpful for skin tightness, it makes you feel refreshed and renewed. It can boost your circulation process and after it, your skin looks fresh and healthy. You can splash cold water on your skin and it can reduce fine lines and wrinkles from the skin easily. After taking cold water cleanse the pimple on your skin reduce. Cool water cleanser is also very helpful for oily skin because it removes the excessive oil from the skin and makes it brighter. 

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