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In Upcoming Elections PTI Will Fight Against Sharif Family

The PTI's battle is with the Sharif family as well as dissident party members along with The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in the coming by-polls to Punjab the party's chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday.

His remarks were made in the Jalsain Jhang before the by-polls scheduled for July 17 where he said that the Chief of the Election Commission Sikandar Sultan Raja meets PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz and Cheif Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz.

The former premier stated that the polls on Sunday will determine what the next chapter will be for Pakistan in the future and that the PTI will need to succeed in the election to protect Pakistan from "looters and America's slaves".

"Our party is thinking about how to save the elections from getting rigged and preparing the polling agents to stop the rigging," said the PTI chairman, who added that PML-N offers bribes to polling agents at ladies' polling locations.

The PTI leader added that the party was trying to bring E-voting machines (EVMs) to ensure that elections are transparent but they were not used in the real world.

A few days earlier, Khan said that the coalition parties did not come into power to curb inflation, but to end corruption allegations filed against them.

The candidate declared the upcoming by-elections in the province as a "fight for real independence" and urged the people to stand with him against "turncoats and thieves".

It's an act of "jihad" against the thieves that are imposed on the country under the US regime-change scheme He added.

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