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Instagram is Changing its Strategies Similar to TikTok

For the past few days, Instagram users are not happy with the new changes happening in their feed. As they are seeing content from different creators and this irrelevant content has made their feed saturated. This has made users get frustrated as they are not ready to accept that change.

Why Instagram is Changing its Algorithm?

Instagram parent Meta owners have started noticing the algorithms of TikTok, and how short-form videos have made a drastic growth in less time. This has made owners think about the change. Even the app chief Adam Mosseri declared that App’s priority is no longer just photos. According to observers of the app, this change in App will bring more revenue and what else they want.

Instagram is Changing its Strategies Similar to TikTok

Users Are Not Ready to Accept the Change

Most of the users are not liking this change and they are willing to keep Instagram as it was. Popular users with the most following shared a petition to stop making Instagram look like a TikTok. Kim Kardashian and her sister Kylie Jenner have also shared on their profiles that they don’t want it to be changed. Earlier Kylie Jenner also talked about Snapchat that she didn't open it for a long time.

Will the Petition Make a Change?

Well, if you are thinking that all this backlash and raising petitions on social media will make some change. You are probably wrong because Meta has already decided about the algorithmic changes and recommendations on Instagram.

Mark Zuckerburg Comments

Mark Zuckerberg has cleared the algorithmic recommendations and said that now on your social feeds you’ll find interesting content besides the primary content or from the accounts that you follow. Our AI will recommend you content from across Instagram and Facebook and also from the accounts that you don’t even follow. Although Meta’s AI is already sharing 15% of the content on its own on Facebook and this amount will increase on Instagram. You can expect double the amount from now which is 30% both on Facebook and Instagram in the future. Even if the top users don’t want it to change.

What If We Want to See Photos From Our Friends Only?

You can see the content from your friends by going to your following. Meta has decided to split the feed into two categories including ‘Home’ and other ‘Feed’ of recommended content. Just like in TikTok you can switch between both sides. Although it's not impossible to see your friend's feed but is frustrating for the users who don’t like to see recommended content. Mark Zuckerberg further declared that it’s a social company that is working to connect people and focused on helping people.

Why They Are Showing Us Other’s Reels?

Meta is showing us the reels of strangers instead of our followers because it is a good money-making strategy for Meta when it needs revenue. Meta has made a good amount of revenue through reel Ads at an annual rate. Plus the time to watch reel is also increased with time. As long as the stakeholders are happy no one would care about the average users.

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