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Interim NAB Chief Opposes PAC Mandate in IHC

The acting National Accountability Bureau chairperson, Zahir Shah on Tuesday challenged the authority of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in the Islamabad High Court (IHC).

The petitioner has made the Federation by way of its Parliamentary Affairs Ministry, National Assembly speaker, PAC chairman, and others as a part of the plea in which it states that the warning that was issued by the PAC on allegations of harassment was outside its jurisdiction.

IHC Chief Justice Amir Farooq will hear the plea today (Wednesday) against the objections from the registry

The petition states that an investigation was taking place in the case of the PAC chairman within the Bureau and that he sent notifications to directors of regional general. He also stated that it was a conflict of interests. The PAC chairman shouldn't be the one to preside over meetings that deal with NAB concerns.

The PAC in its meeting on June 24 went over its mandate The NAB chief stated during his appeal. The chief pleaded with the judge to declare the summons given by PAC on the 24th of June invalid and prohibit the body's parliamentary members from taking any further action.

In the meantime, Tayyaba Gul moved a petition to the IHC to establish her side in the matter filed in the case of Lahore NAB DG against the summons issued by PAC in a matter of harassment. The court has already requested assistance from the attorney general of Pakistan (AGP) to determine the validity of the plea filed by the NAB DG.

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