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Jemima Lashes Out at PML-N for Protest Outside her Mother House

Jemima Goldsmith is the ex-wife of PTI Chairman Imran Khan and has attacked the PML-N by announcing a protest at her London home. She claimed that her mother, 88, had to do Pakistani politics.

After PTI announced that protests would be held in Hyde Park on July 2. And then marched to Avenfield House, Nawaz Sharif’s London residence, she took to Twitter to vent her frustration.

"What is the matter with these people @pmln_org? 


Another demonstration was announced this weekend outside my mother, 88 years old. This is the third time. What does my mum have to do with Pakistani politics She tweeted, "It's disruptive for my mum and a total loss of police time."

Tit-for-tat Protests PTI - PML-N

Tit-for-tat Protests PTI - PML-N

Both PML-N, as well as PTI, plan tit-for-tat protests at the homes of their rival leaders in the UK capital.

London-based leader of PML-N Rashid Nasrullah stated that Imran Khan's followers should come to London's leadership to see him. Then, we will go to the home of Imran Khan’s children. It's simple.

After the removal of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, a no-confidence motion prompted protests by PTI workers from both home and abroad against what they called a "foreign conspiracy" against their government.

Protests broke out in London, outside of Nawaz Sharif's Avenfield home. Party stalwarts decided to retaliate by announcing that they would stage a demonstration at the house of Jemima.

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