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Karachi Faces an Intense Heatwave and A Rise in Temperature

Many Pakistanis have already lost their employment due to Corona Virus, and inhabitants of Karachi are now facing a new source of terror. The Meteorological Department has predicted a two-day heatwave that will begin today and last until Saturday. People in Karachi are being told to get ready for a hot weakened. We'll explain how heatwaves occur in this blog, as well as what Uncle Fixer has to offer the inhabitants of our port city in these situations. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Uncle Fixer has previously vowed to assist its clients, and we will not hesitate to deliver quality services during this Monkeypox and heat in Karachi. We'll show you how to stay cool during a heatwave in this blog.

What is a heatwave, exactly?


A heatwave can be defined in a variety of ways, both scientifically and non-scientifically. A heatwave is typically measured in comparison to the normal weather in a given area and seasonal average temperatures. A heatwave is a period of unusually hot and humid weather that lasts for several days. It is an extremely hot season that is hotter and more humid than the usual temperature.

The following are the causes of Karachi's heatwave:

What variables are likely to cause a heatwave in Karachi? We know that a heatwave killed 2,000 individuals in our lovely port city in 2015 CE. The temperature at Larkana, Turbat, and Sibi on June 20 of that year was 49 degrees Celsius. In 2015 CE, Karachi, Pakistan's financial capital, set a new record by recording its highest temperature (45 degrees Celsius) since 1979 CE. Unfortunately, because the heatwave in Karachi coincided with Ramadan, the mortality toll rose as people became weary and dehydrated. The heatwave of 2020 CE will not be as severe as the one that occurred five years ago. However, we still need to figure out what produces a heatwave.

1:Change in the overall environment:

While key political figures throughout the world have vehemently disputed climate change, scientists from all over the world have now been heard and accepted. The international community is banding together to combat the effects of climate change and global warming. The temperature of the Earth has risen 0.7 degrees Celsius in the previous 100 years, resulting in numerous seasonal aberrations. Glaciers are thawing, and earthquakes are becoming more common. The earth is progressively dying as a result of human activity that is degrading its environment. Uncle Fixer believes that we must all be environmentally conscious and fight to maintain our fragile ecosystem, or we will leave a horrible planet for our children and grandchildren to inherit.


Forests breathe CO2 and exhale oxygen. They are important contributors to environmental stability in our wonderful world. We don't appreciate how much we owe the Amazon, Australia, and African forests for keeping our planet safe. These trees and plants help to keep our world clean, and deforestation can result in a much-polluted environment. There's a reason Mr. Beast launched a push to plant millions of trees, with Elon Musk joining in.

3:More vehicles more heat:


These asphalt superhighways absorb more heat, causing the city to become hotter. Because of the "urban heat island effect," in which heat is reflected into the atmosphere, asphalt has a poor reputation for heating the globe.

4:Heat because of urbanization:

Concrete buildings act as heat receptors. Concrete emits carbon dioxide and is damaging to the environment. Karachi is a large city with numerous urban hubs spread around the city. We have a significant greenhouse effect here because of the concrete.

How can you stay cool in Karachi during a heatwave?


This heatwave, however, will not be as devastating as the one that occurred five years ago. It is scheduled to begin today and end on Sunday. However, you should still be aware of the threats that this prolonged heatwave in Karachi may pose. Here's what you should be aware of right now:

1: Dress appropriately for the weather. It'll be alright if you wear something flowy and light-colored. Dark colors, as you may know, are good heat receivers (have you heard of black body radiations?) yet white hues will keep you cool.

2: Remain at home. Take some sunglasses and a hat with you if you need to go outside. Use sunscreen to protect your skin.

3: There's no need to engage in strenuous outdoor activities. Take frequent shaded pauses. If you feel like your heart is racing too hard, try to cool off by resting.

4: When your body becomes warm, it attempts to cool off through sweating. That's God's way of reminding you that you need to take a break and relax. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Even if you aren't thirsty, drink something. However, avoid ice-cold water. If you drink cold drinks in Karachi, you will not endure the heat.

5: Stay in a room with air conditioning or a fan when you're at home. If your air conditioner or fan isn't working, give Uncle Fixer a call and we'll come out and fix it. If you require assistance, we will even install an air conditioner for you.

6: Tie a damp towel, handkerchief, or cloth around your head. It provides a pleasant cooling sensation. Shower to help your body rid itself of the excess heat.

7: Eat foods that aren't cooked. Cooking your meals in the oven or microwave is not recommended. Consume fruits and vegetables whenever feasible. Also, such yellow light bulbs should not be used. They waste a lot of energy. Furthermore, eating a protein-rich meal causes your body to produce extra heat, so avoid it.

8: If you are taking more than enough alcohol or caffeine it’s better to limit its use or leave it.

9: Understand the differences between heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Pale skin, sweating, high heart rate, muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting, and fainting are all symptoms of heat exhaustion. All of the symptoms of heat exhaustion, but with dry skin and no sweating, are signs of heatstroke.

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