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Khurshid Shah Offers to Increase Cigarette Packet Price

Federal Minister Khurshid Shah recently revealed the formula to get out from the IMF.

According to the leader of the People's Party, "We should not torch the homes of other people. Instead of riding on an aircraft, if the journey is with a donkey it is better to take a seat upon it."

He also said, "If you don't stand on your own feet after 10 years. The crime of the burglar I am my will. There is no have to seek out the IMF. You can raise the cost of urea by $3000. You're ready to be awed by its performance."

He also said, "You make cotton to the amount of Rs 8000, wheat to Rs 3000, mustard to Rs 6000/7000, then make cigarettes for $4. Leave this tension that it will be applied to AC. The money will go to the amount you pay, and allow it to be applied, but you must take the money from the person drinking the most. The average consumer will pay, but the smoker will not be paid."

"The Agriculture Department should be funded for 10 years regardless of which administration is," added the Federal Minister.

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