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Latest Summer Fashion Trends for Pakistani Women in 2022

Summers have arrived and you must be looking for new fashion trends to carry your style. With time everything changes same is the fashion industry. In one season some types of clothes are in and eventually, in the next season, they are just off the topic. If you want to follow these fashion trends you have to make changes with the trend. Most people love the summer season just because of having too many choices of clothes colors and designs. As it’s the perfect weather to wear comfy and cool clothes with bright colors. It gives your soul a lively feeling and you feel fresh.

Update Your Wardrobe

We have overlooked several trends and designs of clothing this year. You can check our list of top clothing trends if you want to update your wardrobe. You can check fashionable trends from our blog to pick up your favorite style. These fashion trends will help you look stylish and stand out in the crowd. If you want to look gorgeous have a sneak peek of our summer’22 clothing trends.

1. Decide on Bright Colors

"Color" has taken over the fashion world this summer. Therefore, if you want a fun summer, become colorful. These days, people are experimenting with vibrant colors and dancing patterns. Join the summer party by donning some colors. However, dull hues are a statement in and of themselves, and people have experimented with them for months. People today are craving joy and excitement in the form of vibrant patterns and colors. Massive butterfly motifs have worked well with a brighter appearance.

People seem to be gravitating toward the trend this year, which looks to favor hues with lots of personality and flare, and why wouldn't they? And who wouldn't want a variety of colors in their clothing? Pastel colors, which so effortlessly became a part of our style, will now be replaced by bolder color tones.

My Choice

If you were to ask me, I would say that I adore bright colors and the freedom of having to dress in multiple layers. So now that summer has arrived, everyone is thinking about only one thing! Well, the focus this season is on vibrant colors, eye-catching designs, and delicate feminine silhouettes. It's everything, and it's driven me insane all summer. This season, there were a ton of wonderful trends that will find their way into our wardrobes, as well as some that are simply too outrageous and outlandish, but we'll still try them all.

Both for daytime and nighttime attire, outfits in the colors red, yellow, orange, and bold pink are quite hot this year. Color freaks, this year is already looking more vibrant than the sun.

2. Select Royal Vibes for Holiday Clothing

You'd think that folks would only want something basic to wear, but that's not the case! That isn't the summer's hottest look. People desire attire that exudes a sense of royalty. When they enter the room, they want everyone to see that they are wearing the crown. Everyone is chasing the sensation of power.

Don't you get sick of being plain and unexceptional-looking? Don't you want your clothes to make you feel strong? You probably do, which is why this summer people are drawn to more daring, unconventional, and royal looks that have never been seen before. Pakistanis are giving their clothes a Desi makeover. It's elegant, delicious, and everything anyone could want. Retro and romantic blends, whether they be in jewelry, lace, or needlework, make people unique and offer them a feeling they have never had before. So why not give it a shot? It's believed that jewelry represents nobility in royal style. So that a modest piece of clothing can shine brightly and serve as the finishing touch for the overall ensemble. Do you not agree?

Go Royal

Though "Going Royal" has been popular like a trending tweet, it's not that easy! You just cannot become royalty without performing specific actions, not even in actuality. To be allowed to wear the crown, which is oh so Holy even in terms of clothing, you must go all out in the most traditional way. Go all out on the embroidery this Eid, and you'll undoubtedly feel fantastic about yourself. Please take a look at these fashionable party outfits for Pakistani women.

3. For Handbags, Smaller is Preferable

If you don't have a bag that is smaller than your hand, you are out this summer since mini bags are taking over the catwalks! No longer does anyone have to "go big or go home.” Bright or light colors are acceptable, but the item must fit in the pocket.

This summer, compact handbags will go with all types of fashion trends, no matter where you look. Although large bags have saved our life for many years by carrying unnecessary items that must be with us whenever we leave the house, tiny bags this summer will be lowering the load while making us appear chic. And, let's face it, they are simply too adorable to pass up.

Small and Fashionable

Why must we avoid them when they are small, effective, and fashionable? Let me repeat that: it may only fit a phone and a credit card, but man, is it cute. Although some people are still not ready to give up their old habits, celebrities like Mahira Khan and Deepika Padukone are huge fans of the tiny accessory as they have frequently been spotted carrying bags that weren't even big enough to hold their necessities. Micro/mini handbags were first introduced on runways, and they quickly became the talk of the town. Do you know what kind of tiny bags are popular right now? Let us know.

4. Accessorize Like a Desi Queen

Since the beginning of time, women all across the world have worn jewelry as an important accessory. Then why do so many women decide to wear jewelry every day, and why do these items have such a significant influence on how women feel and look? They represent the true color of your identity.

Women who wear jewelry not only appear exquisite and lovely but also feel more confident. The proper jewelry can go a long way toward giving your dress that extra touch of flair. These days, there are so many options available that it is easy to become confused. All jewelry varieties, whether they be necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings, play a significant role in society.

Reasons to Wear Jewellery

People have worn jewelry for countless reasons over the years, including making themselves feel more beautiful, for spiritual reasons, because it means a lot to them, etc. Wearing jewelry is a wonderful way to take advantage of the many advantages that gemstones have to offer for those who believe in their power. Today, almost all gemstones are available in jewelry of some kind or another.

Numerous more items include opal rings, sapphire necklaces, and topaz earrings. You can easily include these accessories in your ensembles. Additionally, they offer a fantastic opportunity for you to always have your favorite gemstone with you and benefit from its advantages. In the end, more and more people are embracing the trend of donning jewelry for various reasons. Because many men now express themselves by wearing jewelry like rings and earrings, it no longer only appeals to one gender.

Importance of Accessories

Girls, we all understand how critical accessories are to any appearance. I've seen recently that many girls are sporting the newest styles, which few have tried. I'll advise you where to go to find gorgeous jewelry that is still reasonably priced. Tesoro has several trendy items that might be hot enough to keep the summer scorching, but I'll cover all the greatest places to find the hottest items this summer. Wear the nicest accessories, put on your favorite clothing, and sprint to the music if you want to rule this summer. This summer, everyone will undoubtedly throw a party in their shoes!

Wait for a second... I've got stuff to remember! You thought it would be so easy, but it's not that simple. Different types of jewelry will complement various looks; some may be a little understated but attractive, while others may be heavier.

The following list contains the names of a few of the many jewelry stores that are available in Pakistan.

  • Diamond Tesoro Crown
  • Swarovski Hifly Real Jewelers at Claire
  • Collection Noor
  • Noor-u-Sama

Numerous local apparel companies, including Sapphire, have created some stunning items that are worth looking out for.

However, given the vast selection and diversity of jewelry that all of these shops provide, that still leaves open the question of what to buy. This year, however, is all about Indian items like jhumkis, maang tikkas, chand balis, and karras—basically, everything in your mother's drawer that has ever captured your attention! These Indian accessories can also be used with western clothing, so they shouldn't just be reserved for your Indian attire.

5. Choose Simple, Elegant, Minimalist Footwear

Put on some timeless, comfortable shoes since they are timeless. Wear a plain t-shirt and your favorite heels to be on-trend for the summer of 2022; you'll look great. You must "grow a pair" to be welcomed at meals and parties, and a classy appearance is always appropriate. Get yours right away!

If you want to appear classy and stylish, raise your hands in the air! All you need, my darlings, is a fresh pair of trendy sneakers. If you want to go out with your friends, put on a pair of wedges or heels to perk up your day. Forget glitzy attire; your shoe collection is still in the spotlight this season. Who would have thought that formal guy shoes, which give ladies a macho style with a feminine touch, would become one of the trendiest trends?


Runways are exhibiting how to control the fashion world this summer with pantsuits accessorized with jewelry, oversized bags, shoes, and sunglasses, among other creative ideas. In the past, pantsuits were also in style; nevertheless, they have just made a comeback and no one can stop them. If someone tells me that "a female can't wear a pair of boots," I'll laugh and tell them that it's 2022 and that women can pull it off.

Any style of new-off-the-runway shoe is timeless and the ideal choice for someone who wants to appear professional but also a touch playful at the same time. Wearing a white shirt tucked into a pair of white high-waisted jeans with tan open-toe heels and a light jacket will make the winter look more suited for spring, among other ways to pull off one's overall style.

We advise investing in a pair of elegant, understated, and minimalist shoes that you may wear with a variety of outfits without feeling constrained by their color or style.

Where can I buy stylish shoes at a reasonable price?

  • Almas Nike
  • Bata
  • Stylo
  • Metro
  • Charles and Kieth
  • Claire Marie
  • Insignia
  • Hush Puppies
  • Shoe Mart

Even buying a great pair of nude heels would be a wise investment because you can wear them with almost any outfit.

6. Ghararas & Shararas Are Back with a Bang

For formal and semi-formal attire, ghararas and shararas are once again in style. Gharara pants are still a major hit for casual attire. These flowy bottoms are a breath of fresh air given how hot and muggy Pakistani summers can be since they make you feel at ease and ease. Check out our in-depth post on the most recent gharara trends and styling advice. My advice is to start by purchasing a plain white gharara or sharara if you have never worn one before. You may combine it with any of your summer Kurtis.

7. Select Chunri and Banarsi Prints for Ethnic Clothing

The banarsi and chunri prints, which are once again fashionable, were the most popular prints among all the most recent lawn collections. A few years ago, chunri and banarsi designs were exclusively worn with saris or on special occasions, respectively, and seeing them with daily clothing is undoubtedly a treat. These patterns are now everyone's favorite since they exude an aristocratic, regal air.

8. Peek-A-Boo Trousers

This year, organza trousers have become more and more trendy. They are available at practically every reputable clothing retailer, including Khaadi, Sapphire, and BeechTree. Additionally, they come in a variety of styles, like baggy trousers and cigarette pants. Usually, strips or organza are affixed to them in various patterns so that the legs are just barely visible through the trouser.

9. Fusion Clothing

Wearing jeans and Kurtis is the epitome of fusing Western and Eastern fashion. Young Pakistani ladies have long loved this trend, and it is still popular this year—especially given the wide selection of Kurtis that are readily available. Any of your skinny jeans will go well with a Kurti of your choice.

10. The Season's Best Color to Wear

What's fashionable and breaking bounds at the same time is this summer's spectacular street style selection of all-white attire. Forget the "rules" and design a flawless white ensemble that will brighten your day and make you appear stunning this summer.

One of the classic hues that are making a comeback is white!

To make a fashion statement with this outfit, you can utilize subtle designs and unconventional materials. If you think wearing all white is boring in real life, you should rethink your position. No one is stopping you this summer, so get out there and move; try on a lace white crop top and combine it with fitted white slacks, or make it fun and ladylike. Go wild with your ideas, but keep in mind that you should wear whatever makes you feel good. You may always add color to the outfit with a dupatta if you think wearing all white will be too monotonous for you.

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