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Laws to be Imposed in Punjab to Combat Rising Cases of Rape 

At a joint press conference here on Sunday. Punjab Home Minister Ataullah Tarar and Law Minister Malik Muhammad Ahmed Khan said a cabinet committee on law and order. Met the other day under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz Sharif. And expressed concern over the rise in rape cases over the last three years. 

Introduce laws 

According to them, the organization voted to introduce a package of laws. That would make rape more punishable and establish a dedicated helpline for victims. A cabinet committee will start work on Monday (today) to oversee all of these measures. They said, adding that the role of the Punjab Forensic Science Agency improved for DNA samples on a fast-track basis. And a meeting with lab authorities was conducted this evening. 

Safety for everyone 

They claimed that civil society, teachers, attorneys, and other members of the public. As well as organizations that work with women and children in the province we'll also take care of them on all topics. And that the process should be complete in a fortnight. They stated that both the family and society must play their parts in safeguarding children from sexual assault. 

They advised parents to never leave their children alone. Close relatives and neighbors were frequently found to be abusing the children. They stated a special awareness campaign would launch. We'll give kids the proper education against sexual harassment in schools. 

Tarar claims 

Tarar claimed that under the PTI, the province's law and order situation deteriorated. As they posted police personnel after collecting bribes totaling tens of millions of rupees. He started a list compiled of officers posted on the recommendation of Bushra Bibi's acquaintance Farah Gujjar. Merit is necessary to replace 'upright' police. 

He praised the Punjab Inspector-General of Police. Describing him as a dedicated officer and sound policymaker. A response to a question, he expressed sorrow that drug use had become fashionable in prestigious schools and colleges. Contributing to the rise in crime rates. 

Speaker Parvez Elahi was continuing to host an 'unconstitutional' Punjab Assembly session. While the one on the governor's summons was constitutional, according to law minister Ahmad Khan. 

Regarding the grant of PML-N tickets to PTI disgruntled leaders in the July 17 by-polls for 20 Punjab Assembly seats. He said only those will get the PML-N ticket who had been de-seated by the Election Commission for voting against party lines in the election for the office of the chief minister on April 16. 

Restriction on weapons and personal guards 

Restriction on weapons and personal guards

He stated that the administration was attempting to run the by-elections peacefully and that we will not allow any party to use weapons. 

Following an armed attack on PML-N candidate Nazeer Chohan in a Lahore seat. He announced that we'll provide private guards to candidates in all constituencies where by-elections were being held. So that no one could claim that the government was showing its support for specific candidates by providing police guards. 

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