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List of Famous and Religious Festivals in Pakistan

Pakistan hosts many amazing festivals every year. Each festival has its own unique flavor and characteristics. So, Pakistan offers something for everyone. There are solemn religious ceremonies and celebrations that feel more like parties.

Festivals in Pakistan

Each one of Pakistan's annual festivals is unique and offers its participants a different set of experiences. Because they are an integral part of society, they are celebrated with music and fireworks. Both Islamic and cultural holidays can be observed and celebrated in Pakistan.

Two types of festivals in Pakistan can be distinguished:

  1. Cultural festival
  2. Festival of the Holy Spirit

Cultural Festivals

Cultural festivals are a part of any society or country that has great cultural value. So, these are some of the Pakistani cultural festivals:


As spring arrives, the skies of Rawalpindi and Lahore are decorated with numerous kites. The entire community takes part in kite-flying contests to celebrate spring's arrival. This association is what makes the celebration known as "Jashn-e-Baharan". Lahore is a lively city for its festivals and is the best place to be during this celebration.

Lahoreains enjoy many recreational activities, with kite-flying being the most popular. Basant festivals aren't just about kite-flying, they also celebrate India's rich culture.

Men and women give Gajras and scarves as tokens of appreciation for their visits (traditional bangles made from flowers). Yellow is the symbol of spring in Punjab. It is surreal to see kites fly in darkness.

Lok Mela is a Folk Festival

Pakistan's most significant cultural event is the annual National Folk Festival (Lok Mela), held in October every year. Over the past two decades, twenty countries sent their entertainers and artists to the festival.

For the performers and artists who attend, it has become a national source of pride.

Therefore, It is important to note that Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan, set up beautiful pavilions which allowed visitors to view a variety of Pakistan's rich cultural heritage over a ten-day period in Islamabad Pakistan's capital.

Polo Festival in Shandur

The highest Polo ground in the world will be the best place to witness the Festival Passion for Polo's top points. So, In the second week of July, Chitral and Shandur will host a traditional polo tournament. Guests are welcome to join them.

Shandur Pass, located at 3,700 feet above sea level is the highest polo rink in the world. The festival will also feature folk music and dance in a camping village.

Kalash Festival

The Chitral region of KPK is home to the Kalash people, a distinct ethnic group. Therefore, this region knows for its vibrant festivals and homemade Mulberry Wine, which they make. The Kalash holds many festivals throughout the year that are open to the public.

Independence Day

It's a big celebration in Pakistan when the country celebrates independence day. So, People show their support for St. Patrick's Day at home in parades and in their cars.

In the weeks and days preceding the event, items featuring Pakistan's green-and-white colors will be available for purchase. This is to commemorate the date Pakistan became an independent country. All over the country, there are lights and flags in every shape and size.

Religious Festivals

As part of Islam's religious heritage, many festivals in Pakistan celebrate. Below are some of the religious festivals:


Anyone visiting Pakistan at this time should see the Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations. Eid-ul Fitr is the celebration of Shawwal's end and the beginning of Ramadan. It is also as "the Festival for Breaking Fast".

The first sighting of the crescent Moon is celebrated in Pakistan. It lasts for three days. After the Eid prayer, families gather together to share sweets and meals. Eid al-Fitr, or the obligatory charity, is also celebrated.


Eid ul Azha, one of Pakistan's most sacred religious celebrations is also by the name Festival of Sacrifice. Eid ul Azha is the day when a lamb has been sacrificed instead of Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son for Allah's sake.

The Slaughter of a cow, sheep, or camel is done to commemorate such an event. The slaughter takes place in the early morning, though it can occur later in the day. The meat is divided into three parts: one-third of the meat is kept at home, one-third goes to the poor, and the last third is shared with family and friends.

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