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Monkeypox Update: WHO Calls for an Urgent Action in Europe

The World Health Organization called on Friday for "urgent" action to prevent the spread of the virus in Europe. And noted that the number of cases had increased threefold within the region in the past two weeks.

"Today, I am intensifying my call for governments and civil society to scale up efforts. To prevent monkeypox from establishing itself across a growing geographical area," WHO Regional Director for Europe Hans Henri Kluge said.

"Urgent and coordinated action is imperative. If we are to turn a corner in the race to reverse the ongoing spread of this disease."

Since May 1 the emergence of more monkeypox cases has been reported in the West as well as Central African countries. Where the virus is prevalent.

Ninety percent of all confirmed laboratory cases around the world -- or 4,500 infections - occur found in Europe, Kluge said.

Thirty-one countries have been notified of infections.

Kluge stated that Europe is still at the center of the spread of the virus and the risk remains very high.

WHO Emergency

The WHO believes that the current outbreak is an emergency in public health of international significance. But it will revisit its position in the near future the official said.

Most cases of monkeypox so far have been reported in men who are sexually active. Who are young and most often within urban settings, as per the WHO.

It is currently investigating possible cases of sexual transmission, however, the disease's spread is mostly by close contact.

Monkeypox is a complication of smallpox, which claimed the lives of millions of people all over the world each year prior to its elimination in the year 1980. However, it has fewer severe symptoms.

The illness begins with a fever that quickly transforms into a rash and scabs form. The condition is typically mild and will usually heal in a matter of two to three weeks.

Most Cases in Britain

Britain has the largest number of cases reported to date 1 076 according to UK authorities. It is in front of Germany (838), Spain (736), Portugal (365), and France (350) as per figures from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

London's top public health doctor Kevin Fenton on Thursday. Urged anyone suffering from symptoms not to participate in the Pride marches that will take place in the British capital over the weekend.

On Friday this week, Friday, the Danish Laboratory Bavarian Nordic The only laboratory that produces a vaccine licensed against monkeypox. The laboratory announced the arrival comprising 2.5 million doses for the United States.

US health officials announced Tuesday that they will immediately distribute 56,000 doses of the monkeypox vaccine more than the amount of vaccine distributed thus far to areas of high risk of transmission in an unprecedented increase in the country's immunization plan.

The European Medicines Agency announced on Tuesday that they had started looking into a smallpox vaccine in order to increase its effectiveness against monkeypox.

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