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Mysterious Facts Behind Imran Khan’s Viral Photo

Imran Khan, the former prime minister, is seen in a viral photo from his Sunday visit to Lahore. The image has drawn criticism from online users.

The PTI leader spent a day in the province capital, where he presided over several meetings. Including one with the chief minister of Punjab. Pervaiz Elahi, and a former federal minister, Moonis Elahi, at the CM Office.

Several people questioned the PTI chairman's legitimacy to occupy the seat of the provincial chief executive. After seeing a picture of the meeting in which he was seated on the chief minister's chair went viral.

The Real Tale

Senior anchor Hamid Mir remarked, "A lot of people are criticizing Imran Khan for sitting on the chief minister's seat. But they are oblivious of the intricacies as to what had happened there." Hamid Mir provided inside information regarding the meeting.

Mir asserted that this does not occur and that no one accomplishes this on their own.

Mir continued, "Photograph of Imran Khan is roaming over the internet in which he is sitting on CM’s seat while visiting the PML-Q leader. Imran Khan had gone to the CM Punjab office to congratulate Pervaiz Elahi on his victory.

Pervez Elahi requested Imran Khan sit there when he arrived at his office, but the PTI chairman informed him that that was his seat. Moonis Elahi responded, "You sit there," saying, "We received this because of you [Imran Khan]."

The seasoned journalist claimed that Imran Khan was coerced into taking the chief minister's seat by the father and son team.

According to his understanding, Imran Khan exercises caution and has always avoided notwithstanding their demands recently"

Internet Backlash

The PTI chairman came under fire for making what many social media users, journalists, and lawmakers subsequently called an "ill-mannered" gesture.

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