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Now, Pakistanis can get earthquake alerts via their Android phones

Google will launch the "Android Earthquake Alerts System", a system that sends out alerts in an automatic manner to warn people about possible emergencies.

It's a free, useful feature that detects earthquakes in the world and alerts people using sensors on Android smartphones.

To detect seismic activity, the system uses accelerometers on active Android smartphones. It can alert people via Search or directly on their Android mobile device.

This system gives you instant information that can be used to search Google. People can search for "earthquake" and "earthquake nearby me" to find relevant results. They also have helpful resources about what to do in the aftermath of an earthquake.

If you do not want to receive these alerts, you can disable them in your device settings.

It was introduced for the first time in New Zealand, and Greece, and is now available in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyz Republics, the Philippines, Tajikistan, and Turkey.

How the earthquake alert system works

The Android Earthquake Alerts System displays two kinds of alerts on mobile devices. They are based on the intensity and magnitude of the earthquake.

Be Aware warns people about earthquakes of magnitude 4.5 or greater. Notifications are sent together with information about the distance from the epicenter.

The phone's volume, vibration and Do Not Disturb settings are used to alert the user.

Take Action alerts you to earthquakes that are more than 4.5 in magnitude or have an intensity of 5 on the MMI scale. Full-screen instructions and a loud sound are displayed to help prepare for heavy shaking.

How to activate Android Earthquake Alerts System

You can check if your Android device is on alert by going to Settings > Location > Advanced > Earthquake Alarms.

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