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Prices Increase up to Rs.15,000 on Motorcycles by the Honda Company

According to Wednesday's notification from dealers, Atlas Honda has increased the monthly cost of its motorcycles by Rs 15,000 These updated prices will take effect on July 1.

According to Sabir Sheikh (APMA), the current super tax of 10% and the declining rupee are responsible for the increase.

The price of the Honda CD 70 has increased to Rs 5,000, and it is now being sold at Rs 111,500. It is the same price as the CD70 Dream variant, which has been increased to Rs 6,500. It is currently being sold at Rs119,500.

Despite the Rs. The price of the Rs. 150,900.

The price of the CG125S and CG125S has increased by Rs6,000 and Rs7,000 respectively, bringing their total cost to Rs174 500 and Rs205 500, respectively.

The Honda CB125F's cost has risen to Rs263,900 despite the increase of Rs10,000

CB150F models have also seen an increase in price by Rs15,000. The CB150F models (red and black), will now retail at Rs323,900 while the CB150F model (silver) will retail at Rs327,000.

Atlas Honda

Atlas Honda

The company has increased the price of its motorcycles every month since March 2022. Atlas Honda has increased the price of its motorcycles between Rs 3,600 and Rs 9,900 in its most recent upgrade.

On June 1, the prices were changed.

Manufacturers of motorcycles mentioned at the time that they had noticed an increase in the prices for raw materials, increased international freight rates, and a steady decline in the rupee.

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