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PTI Asks ECP to Rule 19 PML-N Candidates Ineligible

The PTI Wednesday, the PTI moved at the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to declare ineligible 19 PML-N candidates in the upcoming by-elections to Punjab.

The PTI has filed a complaint to its ex-members who were disinvited by the body that conducts elections regarding casting votes for the PML-N's Hamza Shahbaz in opposition to their party's line during the Punjab chief minister's election on the 23rd of May.

In a press conference held during a press conference in Lahore, PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry expressed the hope that the ECP will rule on the case in the next couple of days.

Referring to Articles 63-F in the Constitution Fawad stated that the candidates weren't qualified to run for office.

The government has declared fresh elections to be the only solution to the current situation in the country, an ex-minister warned the administration that the situation would change should obstacles be placed in the way of revolution.

He claimed that the country was ready to go through a revolution. He added that his party was determined to make history through the ability that the people to vote.

"The country's elite needs to understand the situation," Fawad stated, adding that it's the people's have the right to effect an improvement within the country.

Concerning the situation regarding the situation in Sri Lanka, the PTI leader stated it was the state's decision to stop crowds from marching toward the palaces of the rulers. He also expressed his concern about the reports of rigging during the forthcoming by-polls in Punjab.

Fawad declared his claim Hamza Shahbaz would not be CM in the future after the 22nd of July.

Responding to a second question on the price of fuel, he stated that, in light of declining prices of oil on markets around the world, the cost of petrol must be at least Rs150 per liter for the entire country.

In the PTI's petition, filed by MNA Omar Ayub, the party claimed that Hamza Shahbaz's Punjab government was in violation of various polling regulations prior to the by-polls scheduled for July 17 within the Punjab province.

PTI stated that voter lists for the 20 constituencies being offered for sale are allegedly altered and that officials from the government have been employed to ensure that PMLN candidates win the by-polls.

"Section 39(2) of the election act 2017 clearly states that revisions, transfers, addition, or deletion of voter lists are not permitted in an electoral area that has been called for an election," in the petition.

" can be described as the primary responsibility of the election commission to conduct fair, free, and impartial elections. however, the voter list has been changed, and the voter lists were shuffled. This is completely in contravention that is in violation election Commission Act 2017," the report said.

The most "egregious" example, according to the PTI petition was the issue of voter lists from the PP-140 Sheikhupura and PP-140 Sheikhupura, which were distributed following the announcement of the election schedule -which was a "violation of the law".

The PTI further stated that due to the current state of affairs, "no free, fair, transparent, or impartial elections can be held" in Punjab.

The petition also stated that following the date for voting had been announced, development work was declared in various constituencies which is a "clear violation of Section 181 of the Election Act of 2017".

The PTI further claimed that an officer from the district police force (DPO) named Dr. Ghias Gill, was stationed in Jhang to assist with "pre-poll rigging".

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