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Punjab's Government has Failed to Present a Budget 

On Monday, the Punjab Assembly witnessed a day-long drama. When Speaker Chaudhry Parvez Elahi refused to conduct the session and allow the provincial to present the budget. Demanding that the inspector general of police (IGP) first apologize to him. Also, withdraw all cases against PTI and PML-Q workers and parliamentarians. 

Strong notice over the absence 

The speaker took a strong stance over the non-appearance of the chief secretary and the IGP. Asserting that the proceedings would continue only when both officers were present in the assembly gallery. After back-to-back meetings between the treasury and opposition for over six hours. Followed by brief proceedings of the house. Mr. Elahi postponed the session till 1 p.m. on Tuesday (today) after keeping the proceedings delayed until 11 p.m. 

Approved by provincial cabinets 

The provincial cabinet had already approved. The Hamza Shehbaz-led Punjab government's first budget for the coming fiscal year. Which featured the highest-ever Annual Development Programme of Rs685 billion. A 22.3 percent increase over the current ADP of Rs560 billion. 

The PA session schedule, which was to begin at 2 p.m., was late three six-hour. Meetings between Treasury and opposition members to reach an agreement on the withdrawal of all cases. Filed against PTI and PML-Q workers and lawmakers. In connection with the recent long march and violence in the legislature on April 16. 

Following protracted talks, the speaker and the opposition committee agreed that the question of the CS and IGP apologizing. Should decide after a probe into whether they were even guilty of misbehavior. 

The budget session began a few minutes after 8 p.m. And once more disrupted when the treasury's unelected minister. Attaullah Tarar entered the chamber of opposition member Chaudhry Zaheeruddin. 

Meeting paused 

Speaker Elahi, a member of the opposition, abruptly paused the meeting. And summoned the sergeant-at-arms to respectfully lead Tarar out of the chamber. The PML-N spokesman and minister, on the other hand, was adamant that he would stay. Even consulting the PA Rules of Business to see if there was anything in there that would allow him to sit in the house. The sergeant-at-arms was also prevented from reaching Mr. Tarar by the treasury members. 

Tarar eventually departed the premises after the session stopped for nearly an hour. He addressed the speaker before leaving, saying he had accepted his verdict in protest. And that he did not want to prevent the budget to present for the well-being of Punjab's 120 million people. Tarar hoisted the assembly rule book and made an obscene gesture toward the chair just before departing. 

"I’m not like Pervez Elahi as I’ll not keep my ego on priority," the minister later tweeted. Despite being a minister and swearing allegiance to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan's Constitution. I walked out in protest. 

Mind changed 

During the time that the proceedings halted. The speaker changed his mind and declared. That he will not present the budget until the CS and IGP didn't summon to the assembly. 

He ridiculed the Treasury. Saying, "The treasury should bring the chief minister into the house and also beseech the chief secretary and IGP to come in the assembly gallery." 

Late arrival 

Earlier, there were no signs that the budget session would start on time because nearly no one from either side of the aisle arrived on time. The bells continued to chime, signaling the lawmakers' arrival. 

At the start of the session, the Treasury flatly refused the speaker's and opposition's demands. For the removal of cases and for the IGP to apologize. For allegedly torturing PTI and PML-Q legislators in the assembly during the chief minister's election in April. 

Apology Needed 

The treasury, on the other hand, indicated that the police chief would only apologize. If he was guilty of any malfeasance, which the Parvez Elahi camp acknowledged. Following that, the Treasury and the opposition formed an eight-member committee. With four members from each side, to supervise the withdrawal of cases. 

According to PTI MPA Basharat Raja. Lengthy conversations between nominees on both sides took place. He determined to remove all false complaints filed against opposition lawmakers. After a formal declaration on the floor of the house. 

Failed to present budget on the first day 

Mr. Raja, speaking to the media after the session adjourned. Said this was the first time a government has failed to propose the budget on the first day of the session dedicated to it. "What else would be the government's failure if it failed to present the budget on the budget day?" he wondered. 

He insisted that the CS and IGP would be present in the assembly gallery during the proceedings. Despite the fact that it was decided in the business advisory committee that they would not. 

“Speaker will rule in a condition if both senior officers couldn’t make it to the court on Tuesday,” he said. 

Complain by PTI MPA 

Dr. Yasmin Rashid, a PTI MPA and former health minister, complained in the House. Claiming that the Treasury Department had broken its promise to ensure that officers were present during the proceedings. 

Speaker Elahi had named PTI MPA Muhammad Sibtain Khan as the opposition leader prior to the session. Raja and Mian Aslam Iqbal, both MPAs, are now known as deputy opposition leaders. 

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