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Ramsha Khan Shared Her Personal Experience in Showbiz

Ramsha Khan has worked as a leading actor in several dramas including ‘Sinf e Ahan’, ‘Ghisi Piti Muhabat’, ‘hum tum’, and many more. She has recently shared her experience in the drama industry and what challenges she faced to grow in this field.

Started Her Career Just for Fun

"I started my modeling when I was studying and did it just for fun and to support myself financially. But as time went on, I started to appreciate it. If I talk about my career I have just started doing work with seriousness recently, while before I was doing it just for fun. It's no longer just something I do to pay the bills for enjoyment, she told the site.

Ramsha explained how she came across Thora Jee Le by saying, "I had applied for the part and was given the part. Similar to every performance I had at that moment. With other like-minded individuals working on their first project. Including our producer and director Rafay Rashdi, was enjoyable and an adventure. I simply moved on when it came and went.

Failure of Movie

Fortunately, the failure of the movie did not hurt her. Because she had not yet developed a strong emotional attachment to her work. "Well, I wasn’t emotionally affected. But perhaps from that point on, I was just gradually evolving to become the person I am today. Someone who makes thoughtful decisions about the employment I accept.

Ramsha said that she accepted the ‘Ghisi Piti Mohabat’ project. Just because she knew that it was something different instantly when the producer, narrated the script to me! Being fully aware that the audience can either absolutely love it or despise it. For the challenge of portraying something completely different on television, I agreed to this script.

Sinf e Ahan Experience

Pariwash from Sinf-e-Aahan is another recent part that helped Ramsha reach new heights and star on television. The actor portrays a Baloch girl with extraordinary shooting abilities. Despite being advised by those around her not to pursue a "man's ambition," she nevertheless, enlists in the army.

Along with other female co-stars like Syra Yousuf, Kubra Khan, and Sajjal Aly, Ramsha was also seen performing several stunts. But the actor went into detail about the nuances of her character and how she made it her own. "While preparing my character it was such a difficult time for me. When it came to the accent, she must not be having a hardcore accent of Balochi because she studied in the city. Second, I spent a solid three months living the military lifestyle while filming at the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul, surrounded by real cadets and outside of my natural environment (Karachi).

Even though she worked with other filmmakers and projects but still she says that Sinf-e-Ahan will always have a special place in my heart. I never deny the fact that this project was a game changer and sounds different from others.

Relation with Fellow Actors

The actress replied that we developed a great bonding and friendship. This was about working with the cream of the crop of the industry in the show. We all had our roles to perform on TV, there was no competition, and in the evenings we just hung out in each other's rooms. We spoke and sobbed about the pains and we were all intent on doing our best because it was a physically demanding shoot.

Ramsha talked openly about her role as Neha in Hum Tum and how she met Ahad Raza Mir and grew close to him. "I can honestly tell that Sinf-e-Ahan training and the shooting of Hum Tum were the toughest shoots of my life. There were no days off for us. I had the impression that I was either Neha in real life or Neha returning home to pass out and then become Neha again. It was a challenging event of a lifetime.

Neha or Pariwdash?

"I’ll choose Neha for sure as the character that matches my personal life as she is independent and knows well about the freedom of ladies. Also, she loves her family too much." she continued. With Ahad Raza Mir, Junaid Khan, Sarah Khan, and everyone else from this program, I also formed some wonderful friendships and ties.

Upcoming Projects

Regarding upcoming projects or movies, Ramsha admitted she is "taking one day at a time." When the celebrity learned that Pakistani stars were making their international debuts, she admitted that while she has similar goals, she prefers to leave things to chance.

Why not have wishes and aspirations? I've now come to terms with the fact that I'm an actor, and if anything wonderful happens, I'm open to trying out for a role. I am all about life's journey and what comes my way," she said in her conclusion.


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