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Recount Request by PTI Candidate in PP-7 Rawalpindi Refused

PTI Candidate for the PTI Shabbir Awan's appeal for a recounting of the votes in Rawalpindi's PP-7 district was denied by the return office (RO) in the district the following day, as was evident.

It is relevant to mention in this context the fact that PML-N contestant Raja Sagheer Ahmed emerged victorious in the district with just 49 votes at the Punjab by-polls on the 17th of July.

According to the unofficial results of PP-7, PMLN's Ahmed was elected with 68,906 votes. PTI's Awan got the coveted 68,857 votes.

In the wake of this narrow victory, The PTI campaigner decided to contest the outcome and submitted a request for recounts of votes cast in the district.

According to the sources the RO in a reserved decision declared the polling agent present was all of them a the moment of the announcement of results thus, a recount of votes is not carried out.

The sources further quoted the RO as declaring it was the case that the PTI candidate was unable to present any evidence that would warrant recounting the vote within the district.

"Therefore due to the lack of evidence, PTI's appeal was denied. Only votes that were rejected will be checked again," declared a decision, as per sources.

In the Punjab by-polls of July 17, PTI won at least 15 of the 20 constituencies, whereas PML-N only won four. Independent candidates did manage to win one seat.

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