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Soon After the Judiciary PML-N Would Come Under Fire

PTI chief Fawad Ahmed Choudhry in a tweet posted on Sunday has condemned the PML-N's sharp remarks aimed at the judiciary in the aftermath of their choice to restrict Punjab chief minister Hamza Shehbaz's responsibilities as trustee CM.

The tweet by Chaudhry stated that the PML-N party was created by the establishment and added that "they have decided internally the one (faction) would be policies that are pro-establishment and the other prefer to oppose the establishment".

He also said that the party is in the process of preparing for the next generation with concepts to try different strategies in case the other methods don't work.

"Now it appears that the PML-N believes that they've done a wrong by being in opposition to the establishment and Imran Khan, Maryam Nawaz is now anti-establishment," he tweeted.

Fawad further stated that the comments about the judiciary are now in full swing as well as those aimed at the military will start within the next few days. "The one drawback of this strategy is that these are not the same people as 1990, and (the group) has now entered into a race with Imran Khan"," Fawad tweeted.

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