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The Deputy Speaker of the Punjab Assembly Was Dismissed

Dost Muhammad Mazari was voted out of his position as deputy speaker at Punjab Assembly in a vote against him on Saturday.

On Friday, the Punjab Assembly began voting on the no-confidence motion against the Deputy Speaker. Moments after midnight, the voting result was announced. Mazari was reelected with 186 votes.

PTI filed a no-trust motion against the deputy speaker to protest his worsening relations with the party.

PTI Chief Imran Khan, and other leaders of the party, criticized Mazari for his decision against Pervez Elahi, the Chief Minister of Punjab. The ruling disqualified 10 votes cast by PML-Q, denying Elahi the title of CM. It also made Hamza Shahbaz the CM of the province.

The setback was temporary as Mazari's ruling was annulled by the Supreme Court and Elahi, a Khan-backed candidate, was reinstated as the CM.

Before the vote, the House was filled with empty ballot boxes.

Sibtain Khan, a PTI member, was elected speaker of the Punjab Assembly earlier Friday. He was running against Saif ul Makhokhar of PML-N, who was nominated to be the joint candidate for the Opposition.

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