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The Rise in Petrol Prices: How Fuel Consumption can be Reduced?

Prices of petroleum products are skyrocketing in Pakistan as well as at a record level. The government of Pakistan on Wednesday night once again announced an increase in the prices of petroleum products.

The price of petrol in Pakistan has now risen by about Rs 24 to Rs 233 per liter.

At a time when inflation is rising and the purchasing power of the common man is steadily declining. t is important to know how to reduce the consumption of petrol in existing resources. Especially for those for whom car travel is a must.

The BBC has considered the methods commonly used by drivers to reduce fuel consumption. But the important question is which of these methods work and which methods are purely mythical.

Does driving in the 90s save fuel?

Does driving in the 90s save fuel?

Many drivers believe that fuel consumption is lower if we drive vehicles at 90 kph. But according to the RAC Automotive Group. There is not a single constant speed of the vehicle that can work in reducing the consumption of fuel economy.

He says that the myth of the speed of 90 kph started from the old tests. Which was used to assess the fuel consumption and they were at the speed of 90 kph and 120 kph.

At that time, a car running at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour gave the best average of fuel, after which the idea became common that this should be the speed.

According to the RAC group, each vehicle is different, and depending on its volume, a speed of 70-80 kph usually gives the best fuel average.

Should turning off AC will work?

Should turning off AC will work?

If you have never used the car's air conditioner in hot weather to save petrol, then you have made the right decision. The car's air conditioner requires extra energy to run, and after running it, the car's engine starts using about ten percent more fuel.

The use of air conditioners saves a considerable amount of gasoline from traveling short distances. This is because the air conditioner needs more energy in the beginning. After all, the internal temperature of the car needs to reduce.

In such cases, lowering the windshield may be a better strategy but it creates another problem known as 'crapping'. This is the process by which the car's engine starts to work harder due to the air pressure coming from the open glass.

In such cases, the decision should be keeping in view the speed of the vehicle as the faster you drive the higher the air pressure.

Does Neutral Car Use Fuel?

Does Neutral Car Use Fuel?

When the vehicle is moving in neutral gear with a pressed clutch, this process is 'costing'. According to the AA Automobile Association, this method is not suitable at all. One reason for this is that it is unsafe if a critical situation arises. You will not be able to increase the speed of the vehicle suddenly. But another important reason is that it does not save fuel.

According to the AA Automobile Association, most vehicles have an electric control. That shuts off the fuel supply when we remove foot from the vehicle's accelerator. That is why costing is of no use.

Does cruise control save fuel?

Cruise control is a feature of certain vehicles. Which helps to drive the vehicle at a constant speed without having to press the accelerator.

This is a great way to save fuel as it reduces unnecessary speed and the possibility of sudden breaks. But it is only useful when you are traveling on a smooth highway. Because if you are traveling in a mountainous area, the cruise control will require more time and fuel to adjust to the climb.

Normally whenever a vehicle travels down a slope on a mountain road we remove the foot from the accelerator. But the cruise control does not know what is next, so it takes more time and also consumes fuel in the vehicle is more

Relation of vehicle tire pressure to fuel consumption

Relation of vehicle tire pressure to fuel consumption

If your car has low air tires, it will use more petrol. That's why we advise you to check your car's tire air regularly, especially before embarking on a long journey.

What is the best air pressure for your car's tires?

You should check the booklet that comes with your car to find out. But if your car has a lot of luggage and passengers, then increase the pressure accordingly. But keep in mind that the heavier the car, the more fuel it will use.

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