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Three PTI petitions were rejected by the ECP (Punjab by-elections)

Friday's rejection by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), of three petitions by the PTI in relation to the forthcoming by-polls, which were scheduled for July 17th in 20 constituencies of Punjab, was a sign of disapproval.

So, Omar Ayub, the former energy minister, and leader of the PTI had made three pleas. The first was to appoint representatives from other constituencies. The second concern is the voter's list. The third concern is transfers and development projects.

All applications were subject to a written decision by the election commission. "The purpose of appointing voters polling agents from the constituency was to identify voters," the written verdict stated. It also mentioned that the polling agent had the right to object to the identity of voters and could challenge it.

The commission stated that an agent appointed from outside the constituency would cause problems in the identification process. The commission directed all concerned officials and presiding officers, to ensure that the polling agents are from the same voter constituency.

Therefore the ECP responded to Ayub’s second petition about discrepancies on the voter lists. It noted that Director MIS had stated that voters' lists were not frozen following the announcement of the election schedule. Therefore, the petitioner's request was not justified.

Further, the written verdict stated that the voter list from the preceding May 20 would be used to elect the provincial representative. Concerning the third argument, the ECP objected to the petitioner's failure to mention any particular developmental program in his application. The commission would have made a decision if he had.

According to the election commission, it had already issued instructions regarding postings and transfers. If any notification was issued by the provincial government in this regard it would be withdrawn immediately.

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