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Tips for Plumbing Maintenance to Keep Your Pipes Organized

In Karachi, Lahore and other cities in Pakistan plumbing are crucial for maintaining a clean and sanitary environment. This makes it obvious that poor sanitation can cause problems and bring a variety of diseases into your house, business, or public space.

You can drastically lower this risk and eventually live a healthier life by following mentioned proper plumbing maintenance advice like the ones provided below.

The main issue with sanitation systems frequently results from improper upkeep of the sewage and freshwater piping at homes and places of business. The following advice will help you maintain your plumbing systems in Karachi properly, keep your pipes clean, and continue proper sewage.

Use Strainers for Plumbing Maintenance in Your Home!

Hair and food debris are two of the main causes of clogged pipes in bathrooms (for kitchens). Making sure that your drains have strainers on top will prevent this with ease. Such objects can build up on top of these strains so that you can pick them up with your hand.

But be sure to maintain these strainers clean. If you don't, the likelihood of some debris getting into your pipes and clogging them can significantly increase.

Avoid Dumping Oil into Your Kitchen Sink!

If your kitchen sink is draining slowly, there may be grease or oil buildup in your kitchen plumbing, which is the main cause of these issues.

While it may appear as though oil moves through your pipes without any problems, this couldn't be further from the reality! Since oil is insoluble in water, some oil droplets stick to the walls of your drain pipes and create filth, which is difficult to remove.

Avoid Washing Away Debris into Gutters!

There will undoubtedly be debris when cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, or garages, such as hair, dust, small rocks, leaves, eggshells, flour, or sticks.

Make careful to gather this material before cleaning everything away if your drains don't have a strainer on top, and dispose of it in the trash instead.

Insulate Your Pipes!

If you are living in a cold area, you should use heat-trapping insulators to completely insulate your pipes. This is done to stop water from freezing inside the pipes, which might cause them to explode and take hours to thaw.

While one traditional method for freshwater pipes is to leave water dripping overnight to prevent water from freezing, this method is ineffective for sewage lines.

Insulation keeps the heat generated by sewage pipes inside, keeping them warm even in chilly weather. It is essential that you only work with experienced plumbers in Lahore to insulate your plumbing because any leaks in the insulation could be the cause of all your work and money being for nothing.

We advise hiring professional plumbers from Uncle Fixer for this job and any other plumbing services you might require if you want to be sure of receiving high-quality service.

Avoid Chemicals for Clearing Clogs!

Although employing chemicals to clear clogs might seem simple, you should try to stay away from them whenever feasible. This is due to the fact that acids and bases not only attack obstructions in their path but also the linings of your pipes, severely impacting the integrity of your plumbing and harming pipes, leading to leaks or breakage.

Use Enzyme-Based Cleaners!

Regardless of whether your pipes are made of PVC or metal, we advise using enzyme-based cleaners rather than harsh chemicals. The sludge that creates clogs is broken down by natural bacteria in these cleaners, leaving your pipes clear and unharmed in the process.

But keep in mind to allow a hole for hot air, or your PVC pipes can get bent! Although these enzyme-based cleaners aren't as well-known commercially in Pakistan, skilled plumbers in Karachi frequently carry them.

Home-based Maintenance!

To clear out your drains, you can use materials from your kitchen. Home-based drain cleaners can keep your pipes clean if used frequently, albeit they are not as powerful or quick as chemicals. To do that;

  • Cup of baking soda
  • A cup of vinegar
  • In a dish or flask, combine both. This mixture is caustic, so use it carefully.
  • Down the drain, and pour this mixture.
  • To clear out any debris from your pipes that could cause clogs, we advise you to do this once a month!
  • Plungers can also be used to clear small obstructions in your sewage system. Plungers, however, frequently clear obstructions that are near the drain head.

Why Choose Uncle Fixer Professional Help?

You might be better off calling a professional if your plumbing system experiences significant obstructions or leaks. There is no DIY remedy or even chemical that can be used to clear these jams. Leaks in the plumbing frequently occur in conjunction with tree roots or branches in your system.

Professional plumber services in Lahore may clear obstructions using a variety of methods, including hydro-jetting and plumbing snakes. With the use of PVC thread makers, heat guns, and other helpful equipment, they can also fix plumbing systems.

To guarantee smooth water flow and, consequently, clean living, you should have your plumbing tested twice a year. Once before and once after winter from overhead water tanks to underground sewage. Hire Uncle Fixer Plumbers now for quick, high-quality plumbing service near me and to make life a lot easier. Whether you need to fix your plumbing, a new water tank installation, or a new plumbing line laid for your washing area.

So, don’t wait anymore! Hire expert plumbers from Uncle Fixer and get all plumbing maintenance services to keep your pipes organized. Give us a call at 03011400200.

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