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Top 5 Fashion Brands in the World with Best Apparel


Its Brand Value famous firm is approximately $3.1 billion. Armani is a renowned tailoring brand that offers flawless fashion and stunning clothing. Hollywood stars are the most loyal patrons of the brand.

Armani brand has experience in making suits. Their clothes will be made of exquisite fabric in excellent condition.

Armani, Emporio, and Exchange are the most expensive apparel under the brand. They also make leather bags, perfumes, glasses, belts as well as shoes and other products. They are in the tenth spot on the ranking.



The value of the brand for the company is approximately $3.5 billion. Paola Fendi is the founder of the company. The Company was founded in 1925. Fendi's expertise lies in the creation of top-quality clothes, as well as bags along with other products. The bag series for handbags was launched in 1997, and it is known as Baguette. Baguette.

It also owns its boutique. Fendi continues to set the bar by bringing their designs current in the fashion world. LVMH is the company that owns it. Therefore, this company is ranked 9th on the list. fendi


The brand value of the company is around $5.5 billion. Versace's revenue at present is around $1 billion. It is an Italian company. Versace was founded in 1978. Gianni Versace was the founder of the company in 1978. House of Versace is one of the top lifestyle brands in the world.

Versace is renowned for its fascinating embellishments, vivid prints cocktails and famous gowns are stunning. Versace introduced a variety of clothes. They are therefore at the 8th position.


The company's brand value total of around $5.87 billion. The company's revenue is around $4 billion. Burberry is a British company. Audrey Hepburn is one of the most famous celebrities that is associated with this Burberry brand. Burberry is famous for its innovation. Burberry has even been granted an official royal warrant.

The company has even introduced an exclusive and costly skincare line. This is one of the most expensive and exclusive companies. It's in seventh place.



This company has a brand value of around $6.6 billion. The earnings of the company are approximately $7.1 billion. Ralph Lauren entirely focuses on luxury and strives to supply the best dress material so that you can live the ideal life. Its Ralph Lauren clothes are worn by a variety of famous people around the world.

Polo is also among the well-known brands of Ralph Lauren. This company is in 6th place.

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