Cookie Policy

To make the searching experience on the internet better Uncle Fixer makes this cookie policy for you to save your personal information. A cookie is a lot of information that is stored by the website on the visitor’s computer and this information is used by the user’s browser each time it visits the website. We move that cookie’s data to your hardware device after you agree. There are several categories of cookies and we use the following:

Personalized Cookie

We can use this cookie policy for different purposes like how what pages you view, how you access our site, and what kind of activities you perform on our site. Additionally, we use this cookie policy to save or store your data and information. We also save the data of the visitor who regularly or repeatedly visit our site. In the end, we can say that it’s all about browsing information.

Analytical Cookie

An analytical cookie is used to analyze the user experience with our site. We use this cookie policy to remember the user experience with our website. We analyze how visitors view our site and what activities they perform on our site. In this case, we get an idea about our customer’s interests like what kind of content they enjoy most. We use the following analyzer, Google Analytics:

Functionality cookie

This cookie policy is used to remember the activities you perform on our site or other data you submit on our site. This cookie policy is very helpful to remember your name or region because when the user visits our site we use this cookie to save the name, language, or region of the visitor.

Cookies Consent

If you have registered on the Site, your computer or device may receive an anonymous or identifying cookie that can access your information when you sign in to Uncle Fixer. This can save you time each time you visit the Site again. To access your information when you sign in, remember your preferences, deliver particular content to you, analyze user data, and improve our services, we employ cookies and anonymous identifiers. Whenever you connect with one of our affiliated service providers, we might also utilize cookies or anonymous identifiers (for example, when you associate your Uncle Fixer account with social media account such as your Facebook profile). You acknowledge that Uncle Fixer Services might not operate as intended if you modify the settings on your web browser to block or restrict cookies (including those linked to services provided by the website) or to indicate when a cookie is being placed by Uncle Fixer. You should keep in mind that, even if your cookies are disabled, you might still be able to use the Site, but doing so might prevent you from using some features of this website and may prevent our services from operating properly on your computer.

Policies for Third Party

The Site may provide access to services obtained from third parties, such as verification services provided by third-party verification providers, or may contain links to third-party websites, such as the networks of our cherished affiliate service providers, advertising, and payment gateways. If you click on a link to one of these websites, for example, if you use a third-party payment system, or if you use any services offered by third parties via the Site and are required to give that third party your personal information, including sensitive information if appropriate, be aware that they have their privacy policies. You will be bound by the terms and conditions of use, privacy, and security statement of that site or the third party if you use our Site to link to another site or if you utilize a service received from a third-party service provider via the Site. Before providing any of your personal information on such sites, we strongly advise you to view these.

Third-Party verification

For the avoidance of doubt, any personal information (including sensitive information if applicable) that you provide as required by that third party to perform its verification services will be collected directly by the relevant third-party verification provider and will not be collected, handled, or used by Uncle Fixer if you use any verification services made available via its Site. To issue any pertinent Verification Badge on the Site, we will only give your verification status from the third-party verification provider (for example, granted or not granted or such similar status). The third-party verification provider is still in charge of how to use and handle personal information, including sensitive data if it is relevant, by its privacy policy.

Use of Personal Information

Uncle Fixer provides reliable, affordable, and community-based services that are available online. If you don’t provide appropriate information to us this means that we are unable to give some or all parts of our services. The privacy policies and uses of personal information by parties other than Uncle Fixer, such as users of the Site, the administrators of any website to which the Site contains links, or third-party service providers to whom you voluntarily disclose your personal information, are not under our control, and we disclaim all responsibility and liability for them (including sensitive information if relevant. We store all the user’s data in the cookies and then use it for showing advertisements to Google AdSense. We follow all the rules of Google AdSense for advertising purposes and also follow the rules of GDPR.


When you register with this company your personal information is shared by us.

Personal details

This personal information that we collect may include name, email, contact number, birth date, gender, and account details.

Application details

To verify the services we also ask about your interests and application details.

ID verification

Besides that, we also need your photo to attach to your ID when you register with Uncle Fixer as a Fixer.

Data Upgrading

If there is any change in your details, its your responsibility to provide updated information to our company so that we can keep your data up-to-date and accurate.

Log-in details

If you log in to our website or create any content to post on our website, you are not anonymous to us.


Whether this information is just booking information, bids, any other associated forums, or feedback provided to us.

Information sharing

To make services better and to add improvements to our previous services we may use or share this information with other users or service providers on Uncle Fixer.

Transaction details

This information includes the way how you use our services, the transactions you enter on our website, and the valuable feedback you provide.

Payment details

Also the bids you make, transactions you made with our service providers, or the comments you post on our website. We keep track of all the activities.

Whenever you post any comment, make a bid, enter transactions, and post bookings. Communicate on any public forum on our website and provide feedback for our website or other users. Your username will remain public and it’ll be visible to other visitors on Uncle Fixer. So its better to post anything with caution and you need to concentrate on whatever you are posting. Uncle Fixer doesn’t take any responsibility for any activity or information that you post on our website. Also, the information that you provide on those areas of the website that are public. Uncle Fixer can also collect your information using IP addresses and through cookies, attributes of software and hardware, and your page requests.

Data Collection

To collect data from your submissions we also analyze your internet behavior from different social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, etc. if you are using our services and your location is enabled, we can collect your actual location information. We can do this using GPS that is sent by your mobile phone and using other technologies also.

How we use your information

Your email address, Uncle Fixer account, postal mail, or phone number may be used to receive various emails and SMS about our most recent services, news, and special offers, as well as those of our esteemed affiliate service providers (Marketing Material) after you register on the Site. You might also get marketing materials from our company and our esteemed affiliate service providers if you complete a purchase on the website. You can choose not to receive our promotional emails at any time by simply clicking the unsubscribe link located just below the emails text.

Interest-based Ads

When a site is approved by Google AdSense, then Ads will appear on this site and the website owners display these Ads on their site for their visitors. Users who have set their cookies can see these Ads. These cookies can save your information and then AdSense shows you different Ads that are interesting for you. These cookies collect your information and other users that are browsing our site from a computer or a mobile phone. This privacy policy is according to the privacy rules of Google AdSense because it follows all the rules of GDPR. We update our privacy policy according to the Google AdSense requirements and rules of GDPR.

Users of the Site who are impacted by a merger, acquisition, or sale involving Uncle Fixer shall receive notice before their data is transferred to another organization or is subject to a new privacy policy. Google and other third parties may display our adverts on websites all across the Internet. The Google Maps API is used by this website and mobile apps to help with location-based information.


You cannot opt out of receiving administrative and account-related notifications from this website, which it reserves the right to do. You must close your Uncle Fixer account to stop receiving communications from us.

Role and Obligations of Uncle Fixer with the Fixers

We make the best efforts to use this platform for the customers. Uncle Fixer has the right to make any change to the website. We also can change the whole website without informing you. The reason to make changes in the website or different parts of the website can be the functionality of the website or the performance issue.

  • We can make changes to the different legal issues like we can change the privacy policy, cookie policy, etc. To keep yourself updated please read our privacy policy, cookie policy, and terms and condition continuously.
  • We’ll be happy to inform you that all the data and formation we collectively secured cannot be shared anywhere without your permission.
  • Our experts can guide you in the best way possible, whether you want to secure your data or not.
  • If our experts can’t respond to you in a given time then we will surely contact you as soon as possible.

Getting Access to Personal Data

You may always see, change, update, and/or delete the personal data we have on file about you, except for the following circumstances: You make a request(s) that are unreasonably repetitive, demand Uncle Fixer to expend disproportionate technical effort (for example, developing an entirely new system), compromise the privacy of others, or are extremely difficult to fulfill. We are legally permitted or required to deny you access to, and/or to retain, the information. You can get in touch with us here if you want to know what personal information we have on you or if you want to close your Uncle Fixer account.

Terms and conditions

We informed you here about our terms and conditions before getting access to us. Make sure you have read these terms and conditions thoroughly. We don’t allow you to use this platform for any other purpose or you don’t have any right to share any illegal information on this platform. Before going to further process make sure you have read all these terms and conditions. Be prepared yourself that I have read all these rules and regulations with all my senses and without any reluctance or coercion. And I am familiar with and agree with every single word in it.

Privacy Issues

Please contact Uncle Fixer by email by using the contact form on the website if you have any questions about how we handle your personal information or if you need more information. We will get in touch with you if you file a formal written complaint about how we handled your personal information. The only information about you that we will post publicly is your Uncle Fixer public profile, except for content that you voluntarily choose to put on the Site (such as Sender postings, bids, and comments on other users).

Changes in Privacy Policy

Uncle Fixer may occasionally change this privacy policy (and update the web page on which it is displayed). Any such modification will be notified to your registered email address and/or Uncle Fixer account, respectively. You ought to frequently check the account.