Butchery services in Faisalabad

Uncle Fixer is making the life of its customers convenient in every possible way. This EID we are coming with the best Butchery services in Faisalabad. We cover the slaughtering of every type of animal, you just need to contact our experts and they are there at your doorstep in no time. To perform Qurbani in front of your eyes, so that you feel satisfied.

Online Qasai Service in Faisalabad

Gone are those days when you have to look for a professional butcher here and there because Uncle Fixer has introduced Online Qasai Service in Faisalabad. Now by sitting at your place, you can order an expert Qasai at your doorstep.

Online Qasai Booking in Faisalabad

We take the responsibility for all the work that is needed to be done during your EID and for other events. Uncle Fixer’s butchers are experienced in their work and they know how to do things well. You can get our Online Qasai Booking in Faisalabad at any time.

Online Qurbani Booking in Faisalabad

If it's difficult for you to do Qurbani by yourself or you are an overseas Muslim, no problem Uncle Fixer has the option of Online Qurbani Booking in Faisalabad. You just need to contact Uncle Fixer and give them your details. We’ll give meat in proper packing at your doorstep.

Qasai services for bakra in Faisalabad

If you are worried because of not finding any experienced butcher for Qurbani or other events. Well, Uncle Fixer provides Qasai services for bakra in Faisalabad. We meet the highest standards when it comes to giving Qurbani services.

Expert Qasai for Cow in Faisalabad

Handling a cow on Eid for Qurbani or other events isn’t an easy process, you must have skills and years of experience to excel in this work. Uncle Fixer is easing this tension by giving Expert Qasai for Cow in Faisalabad. Spend your Eid without any worries with our satisfactory services.

Expert Qasai for Camel Qurbani in Faisalabad

If you are ready to slaughter your beloved animal and it's difficult to find a butcher who can give professional services. Especially when you have a camel to slaughter, Uncle Fixer is ready to provide Qurbani Expert Qasai for Camel Qurbani in Faisalabad. You don’t need to look anywhere else when Uncle Fixer is there.